Tuesday, April 7, 2009

33 Hot Rod's Maiden Voyage

So I know I said I would post this sooner but I was really bogged down with stuff and couldn't figure out my video camera to be honest... But here it is.

The car has already left to be dialed in at Factory Five, then it will make it's way to California for the Power Tour. Hopefully it will be back before the end of the summer so we can have it here on display and attend a Bike Night!

Kory gave me a ride in it! Wow is it different. You are so enclosed in it and you can't even see the front end. It's wicked fast too! Absolutely a bad car.

Great job guys!! You should all be proud, I am!

PS- Don't mind the little part at the end. Dirti was trying to scare Jeff, It worked but I missed it! So much for being a camera man! Oh and the sides are missing from the front of the car...


Mr. Motorcycle said...

That turned out really sweet!

Anonymous said...

Nice Air Horn, go Dirti, rippin' a blaster! ~Sara