Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Ride to SD

Kory, Jeff, and I left Thursday afternoon for Sturgis. We had another group of guys following us out there. The 3 of us are definitely experienced "road guys". We travel so much that we all can load, unload, drive and now change tires pretty quick, well quicker than most.

The trailer that was following us was a little overweight for the tires that were on it. They got their first blow out in NY, Oh great only 1/5 of the way to SD. They got 3 more blow out before we got past Chicago which was the half way point! We had to stop at an out of the way tire place in Des Moines Iowa to get some more spares. We had used all the spares we had. The trailer took an odd size tire so it was difficult to find. Fortunately all the blow outs were in day light, there was a place to pull over, and it wasn't raining.
We ended up making it to Spearfish, SD, which is just west of Sturgis, at about 3am Central time! So we were on the road for about 40 hours when it should have taken us 32-34. I guess I am just hoping that the trip home is much faster because you know the trip home from anywhere always seems so much longer!

This was blow out #3. I didn't take pictures of the actual change of #1 because I thought it would be a one time deal, no such luck!


This is what is left of the wheel and tire from #1!
This was number 2.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

From Street's

I got this from Street, Sturgis or Bust!

Jody / Kory/ Jeff,

Have a safe trip out to Sturgis. Even if you're not hauling the Thug and Streets bikes out there, I'll buy y'all a drink the first opportunity I have. Be safe and get ready to par-tay!

We will miss you Click!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Steven Tyler Rock Ride Boston

Join Steven Tyler for Rock Ride Boston
There is a great charity ride that we are promoting in Boston on Sunday, August 24th. Join Steven Tyler of Redwing Motorcycles, legendary lead of Aerosmith, for a 15 mile escorted ride ending up at the Live Nation Bank of America Pavilion on the waterfront in downtown Boston. The ride benefits FORGE and Opportunity International. The culmination of the ride will have live music courtesy of Ernie and the Automatics and the legendary Skunk Baxter of the Doobie Brothers with displays by Redwing Motorcycles and Sucker Punch Sally’s. Registration is just $20…so get online at and be prepared for the ride of lifetime. I have attached a flyer, feel free to reproduce or forward. The inaugural Rock Ride Boston is the first of a series that will include Rock Ride Phoenix hosted by Sucker Punch Sally’s as well as several other cities and rock stars.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thunder Road to Host Dave Perewitz Custom Paint Bike Show

STURGIS, S.D. --July 18, 2008--Thunder Road, known as the "Custom Capital of Sturgis," is home to some of the motorcycle industry's hottest customs during Sturgis Bike Week. This year will be no exception as Thunder Road prepares to host the Dave Perewitz Custom Paint Bike Show, on Wednesday August 6th.This event is sure to highlight some of the industry's best art.

This premier event will be sponsored by Kryptonite Locks.
Instead of focusing on the machines themselves, as most shows at Sturgis do, this day will be all about the industry's artistic side. The Dave Perewitz Custom Paint Bike Show will focus on the paint and finishes industry professionals use to achieve those slick custom looks.

The show's namesake, Dave Perewitz, will also be exhibiting some of his famous customs. Dave has been building and customizing motorcycles since the early 1970s, and his celebrity clientele has includes the likes of Hulk Hogan, Brad Whitford and Kyle Petty. Considered a master of all aspects of the customization process, from engineering to aesthetics, Dave's bikes are regarded as "art in motion."

"Dave Perewitz has created some of the industry's best customs motorcycles with his signature flame jobs" said Promoter Carrie Repp of R&R Promotions "This show will give every painter and builder the opportunity to compete with their peers on strictly the quality and aesthetic appeal of their work."

Awards will be given in a variety of categories, including best pearl, best candy, best use of color, best artwork, best graphics, best in show and Perewitz best flames. The show runs from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., and the awards will be announced at 5 p.m.

The Dave Perewitz Custom Paint Bike Show is sponsored by Kryptonite Locks and will be held in Thunder Road's Thunderdome. Admission to the Thunderdome is $5, but there is free parking and Glencoe Gold campers get in free. For more information, please visit
About Thunder Road

Located 3 miles east of Sturgis on Highway 34, Thunder Road is hard to miss.
With six acres of paved vending space full of high-end, custom, aftermarket vendors and the nearly 40,000 square foot Thunderdome, Thunder Road is the "Custom Capital of Sturgis Bike Week." During the course of the week, Thunder Road is host to the most custom-bike themed events in Sturgis. In conjunction with all the events, Thunder Road will have the best attractions around, including Miss Sturgis, and even more great entertainment. Thunder Road is a part of the Glencoe Nation and is located directly in front of the Glencoe Camp Resort, which will be host to Rock'n the Rally, an event that will have over 10 national music acts. There's something for everyone at Thunder Road. And, of course, there's plenty of free parking!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kris Holmes Run

Last Saturday Perewitz Cycle Fab was the start of the 2nd Kris Holmes Charit Run. It was a beautiful HOT day in Bridgewater. The Holmes family sold tickets and gave t-shirts out in honor of their late son. Kris was a good customer of Perewitz Cycle Fab so we felt honored to have his run start here.

They got an excellent turnout. I would say there was at least 130 bikes here and a ton of people. As bad as the economy is it is nice to see people still able to donate to a great charity!

Althought we were extremely busy that day De managed to take a few pics before she joined the ride.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Bike Night Extravaganza!

Wednesday night was our July Bike Night. It was pack with bikes and people. It was a nice hot summer night, great for riding, and the crowd couldn't have been better.

We had some awesome burnouts! One right after another, ego's were flying! Everyone that did a burnout got a Kryptonite lock and a few got Kory to change their tire! The smoke just filled the air and the smell of rubber is still outside 2 days later. The bikes filled the front parking lot before 7 and by 7:30 the back was filled and people were scrounching for spots, fortunately a bike can fit in many places! Steve Leahy was here creating skin art, tattoos that is! I would say the coolest one I saw was on MacKay Keegan! He got eye's on the back of his neck! He's watching you!

After the burnouts I went on the roof and threw some prizes from various venders to the crowd. We had on display Ruben Brown's sidecar bike, the "Ghetto Taxi" and a Suzuki Hayabusa we recently did a face lift on, out on the sidewalk on display along with many other Perewitz customs.

It was a great night had by all. And the food must have been good because we sold out of burgers and have very few hotdogs left! It must have been Kory's good cooking!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rides in the Ghetto Taxi

Billboards and more!

Below is what the billboard in Sturgis is going to look like for the Perewitz Custom Paint Show. If your out there check it out Wednesday and look for the signs!

We had a Bike Night last night and it was a wicked good turnout! I will post later along with some video's of the "Ghetto Taxi".

Also I should have a post about a car show in Columbus, OH Dave went to last weekend with over 6,000 cars!

This weekend the crew left for a show in Michigan, Muskegon Bike Time. If your in the area stop by!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bike Night Tonight!

Just a reminder tonight night is Perewitz Bike Night from 6-9pm.

We will be having Steve Leahy doing airbrush tattoos, Dante on the grill with burgers, dogs, and stuffed quahogs, DJ Lou playing some tunes, the Kris Holmes Ride will be selling tickets to their event, the Debut of the Perewitz “Ghetto Taxi”, Roof Raffles, cool bikes, burnouts and much more.

Pass this on to your friends, Hope to see you there!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Women's Riding Essentials In San Fran

Nicole Roesch and I met in San Francisco last week to do a Kryptonite sponsored Women's Riding Essential Class. San Fran is definitely different than the east coast! People, clothing, weather, everything! I had never been to San Fran so it was cool to see Northern Cal. A great city and great people!

We took a cab to Scuderia West where we had a fun evening. The dealership was very unique in a sense that it was an older building but every space seemed to have a useful purpose. They sold Aprilla, Victory, KTM, and some used bikes. The staff couldn't have been nicer.

Once the class got started we learned that there is a ton of women riders in California! I guess with gas at $5 a gallon in CA you look for alternative modes of transportation. There is a large scooter population too, many business women ride scooters to work not just because of gas but parking. There is very few places to park in San Fran. As in most major city's parking is tough to come by.

We went over lots of basics on riding, proper gear, safety and protection for your bike. I have a bright pink Icon jacket which I think is wicked cool and everywhere I go other girls think it's really cool except San Fran! The girls liked the jacket but wanted to know if it came in black! Which it does!
I guess they aren't into bright color's in the Bay Area. I suppose a Perewitz custom would stick out! Nicole and I both learned a lot from the women of Scuderia as I hope they learned from us! It was another great Kryptonite Women's Riding Essential Class!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Long after price is forgotten…..

Value is remembered.

And that is the reality of a Perewitz bike.

Take a look at Ebay…

So called "custom" bikes are selling at pennies on the dollar.

How often do you see Perewitz customs selling for chump change?

Now that the economy is tanking, price dominates. However, the discriminating buyer will recognize value.

So…how does it feel riding a POS? Let's assume you can get it to start.…

FWIW, every time I get on my Perewitz, I am reminded of how confident I feel on a quality ride.

And no…I haven't "drank the Kool-Aid"…I am a pain-in-the-soft supporting area of the human anatomy…but you can't shine sh*t and I recommend that you consider that in your next, or first, build.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Perewitz Tail Light

Broome Community College Students design and build a custom motorcycle tail light for Perewitz Cycle Fabrication

Electrical Engineering Technology students from Broome Community College in Binghamton, New York have been working with Perewitz Cycle Fabrication on several design projects. The latest project is a custom LED tail light. The tail light was a collaborative project between Perewitz Cycle Fabrication, Broome Community College, and Eckcraft Metal Arts.

We even managed to get Dave to meet with the class once a week via teleconference equipment over the internet. The students came up with several tail light designs and presented them to Dave. The final design was hashed out during the teleconference sessions. This was a great experience for everyone involved.

The metal housing was machined at Eckcraft Metal Arts in Binghamton, NY. The custom electronic assembly was designed and built by the EET students as part of their Senior Design Project. We look forward to doing more projects with Perewitz Cycle Fabrication in the future.

Gary & Don at BCC

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Road Kill

This happened in Laconia a couple weeks ago. Kory supposedly ran over a porcupine while coming home late one night on his bike. He said that the thing was the size of a "baby elephant". I said "really, come on, that big and it didn't do any damage!?". He insisted it was true and had a witness. Jared.

I just got these pictures last night and though I would share them with you.

Kory says they were riding to the house they were staying at in Alton Bay, NH late one night, when something crossed the road in front of Kory. He hit his brakes but it was to late he felt a big thump! Of course NH is pitch dark at night so he couldn't see what it was. When he got to the house he found quills in the front tire and stuck to his shirt! In shock that it was a porcupine that he hit, him and Jared got in the truck to search out the carcus.

With the lights of the truck they were able to find the body. To their surprise it was a giant porcupine!

I guess Kory got lucky that he didn't go down or do any damage to the bike. He figures it was probably a good thing for him that he hit it rather than swerve and try to avoid it and go off the road! Sorry Porky!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Walk In Special!

We are offering a "walk in special" oil changes for $49.95 everything included! We would assume that more people are riding their bikes to work etc..
We also want to reach out to the customers that wouldn't normally come to our shop because they assume we don't work on anything but custom. That's not the case. We are even starting to dip into the street bike market. So pass the word to your friends that if it's got 2 wheels we will most likely work on it.
Don't forget Perewitz Bike Night is next Wednesday July 16th! Hope to see ya there!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008