Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Road Kill

This happened in Laconia a couple weeks ago. Kory supposedly ran over a porcupine while coming home late one night on his bike. He said that the thing was the size of a "baby elephant". I said "really, come on, that big and it didn't do any damage!?". He insisted it was true and had a witness. Jared.

I just got these pictures last night and though I would share them with you.

Kory says they were riding to the house they were staying at in Alton Bay, NH late one night, when something crossed the road in front of Kory. He hit his brakes but it was to late he felt a big thump! Of course NH is pitch dark at night so he couldn't see what it was. When he got to the house he found quills in the front tire and stuck to his shirt! In shock that it was a porcupine that he hit, him and Jared got in the truck to search out the carcus.

With the lights of the truck they were able to find the body. To their surprise it was a giant porcupine!

I guess Kory got lucky that he didn't go down or do any damage to the bike. He figures it was probably a good thing for him that he hit it rather than swerve and try to avoid it and go off the road! Sorry Porky!


online gambling said...

that's really cute..wish i had one too.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

That's crazy. Really glad he didn't go down. That is always my bigest fear when riding, is the animals that come out of the ditch. At least you can see stupid cagers and keep an eye on them.

Imagine, not only wiping out because you hit a porcupine, but getting all full of quills to boot!