Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Custom Paint Job For Sale!

This one of a kind paint job for a 02-06 Harley Road King! You could have a custom paint job on your stock HD!
$2800 for tank, fenders, saddlebags with lids, and side covers.
No hardware include, Rear fender included but no artwork just base color.

PPG Royal Ride from their Vibrance Collection - Color shift blue to teal to violet. This paint is $300 a pint!
Silver with airbrush flames
Blue striping
Gold Leaf double outline
and violet ghost flames on top of that.
This is a great deal!

Contact Keith 781-344-9166

Monday, January 25, 2010

Church of Choppers

Goose just sent me this link. I thought it was pretty cool. Not quite sure what this blog is about... The picture is in front of Dave's first store on Pleasant Street in Brockton. No that's not Miss P'witz, it's Lorraine. Dave's first employee and Miss P'witz's BFF!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Goose's Masterpiece

Goose bringing his bike down to B'water in November? Yah it was cold out!

Thanks Goose and Laura for taking great pictures and sending them my way!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Goose's complete bike!

This bike is currently residing in our showroom because much like New England, Canada is very cold and snowy! Maybe you remeber but a couple months back I posted a snapshot of this paint job. Well here it is complete! Such a cool looking bike.

And Goose is going to ride this tough Dyna home as soon as the weather turns. In the mean time it is sure to get a lot of looks and good comments! I have already heard a bunch.

Laura or Goose if you have some more photo's of Goose and Kory building it, send them my way so we can share them with the blog audiance. jody@perewitz.com

Newest bike to be built

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Streets son Mark!


My son Mark just got back from the Middle East. He brought back a few more pictures of "The Shirt" in action on the ground and in the air over the skies of the Afghanistan / Pakistan border. I'll bet no other motorcycle builder can claim that they've "Flown the Colors" in that part of the world. Fell free to post on you blog if you need content.


P.S. That's him on the right holding up "The Shirt"

Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Year

A new year is upon us already! Time flys. We have a bunch of shows booked, a couple interesting builds and hopefully a lot of business. Check out a few of our stops.

January 15-17 Springfield Motorcycle Show - Springfield MA

January 22-24 IMS Show NYC - NYC Javitts Center

February 5-6 V-Twin Dealers Show - Cincinnati, OH

February 12-14 Timonium Show - Timonium MD

February 22-24 IMS Show Chicago - Chicago IL

February 27 - March 6 - Daytona Beach Bike Week