Friday, July 31, 2009

Thug Day 3 Continued

Day 3, again
I made it to Spearfishsafe and sound. Just under 1800 miles total. The bike ran great and there were no other problems.
But thats not the real story.
What are the chancesone in a zillion?
Let me explain with a joke: The company was hurting for revenue so the sales manager assembled the sales team to announce a big increase in sales for the next quarter. The manager said Team, and we are a teamtogether we can reach this goal. There were groans and gasps in the room because the goal was about impossible.
One salesperson spoke up. I cant do it. I am tapped out. I dont think anyone else can do it either. I think the goal is ridiculous."
The sales manager listened, then said Our team can do it. All I hear from you is I cant do it Im tapped out I, I, I. You know, there is no I in TEAM.
To which the salesperson said, Youre right, and your sales goal? There no F in WAY.
Which is what Kory said when I bumped into Him and Joe Pro in a gas station/restaurant in tiny Kimball, SD today.
We left for Sturgis from different cities, on different days, and took different routes. Butit happened! Face to Face!
Then, it kinda happened again. We left together, but Kory was traveling a bit faster than I wasmy bike has a nasty vibration at 4500 rpm, so I have to either keep it under or over those revs. That translates to speeds there were either too slow or too fast for Korys pace. I opted for slower, knowing that Id have to stop for fuel anyway. Then the winds and rain came, so I pulled over and got all my gear on. And I stopped to offer help to a rider broken down. Sonot a half mile from the Spearfish exit and 270 miles later, I caught up to Kory. Amazing!
Todays other story was the weather. The day started off great. Crisp, clean air and sun. The temperature got up to 86 with just a few clouds in the sky. But a wicked cold front came through, dropping the temperature down to 62 in just a few minutes and blowing riders all over the interstate. I was leaned over for about 3 hours and it was Hell passing big rigs.
I dont think I packed anything but t-shirts, so I may have to buy a hoodie tomorrow.
The scenery was much nicer than yesterday and I opted to pass by the Corn Palace (the only one in the world) and Walls Drugstore (also the only one in the world) as I really wanted to get to Spearfish.
Im beat from the wind. And tomorrow, Ill be back riding a V-Twin.
Cant wait.

Thug: Day 3

Day 3: July 31
Are we there, yet?
I made it to Sioux City. Actually, I nudged across the state line so I am officially in South Dakota. 14 hours and 850 miles of land so flat that I could see the curvature of the earth.
I really didnt ride that hard, and didnt get up early, but almost made 1000 miles in 24 hours, as in the Iron Butt Saddle Sore 1000 qualifier (ride 1000 miles in 24 hours). I was just a few minutes over 24 hours.

Super-slabs all the way. That is not the way to subscribe to the its not the destinationits the journey approach to riding. Someday, Ill take the time to get to Sturgis without touching an interstate, but that will have to wait. For now, I just need to get there.

Nevertheless, two wheels are better than all the other choices. I spent the first few hours waiting for things to warm up, which it didnt. Finally, in Illinois, it got about 70. Just over the Iowa border, the rains cameshort, but drenching. I didnt switch to my rain gear instead adopting the Caribbean mantra that its just a cooling shower. After the rainit got clear and the winds came.
Lots of northwest winds. Blew me sideways a few times. They even dislodged my Perewitz half-helmet from under my bungee-mesh thingy attached to my topcase and left it somewhere amongst the cornfields. Likewise a pair of reading glasses out of my jacket pocket.

The winds were spinning a new array of ginormous wind turbines in western Iowa. They werent there three years ago. They werent obtrusive at all..not like the way they ruined the landscape in Germany when I was there visiting in 2006. I guess there wasnt much to ruinthey just stuck them in cornfields.

I am really glad I didnt ride the Baggah out. The BMW (the Muddah?) has really got trashed. Some truck in front of me was spewing something that covered the front of the bike. Every bug stuck. There is so much construction that, combined with the winds, riding through construction zones sand blasted the bike. I felt like I was behind a 300 rear tire riding along the beach on A1A in Florida.

I skipped the largest truckstop on I-80. Too many cars..not so many trucks. I guess its a tourist attraction. Maybe Ill stop there on the flip-flop.

Most of the ride was carefree. Only one pucker moment. In a construction zone, a cage ignored the yield sign and entered the highway without the benefit of an acceleration lane or me moving out of the way. Thanks to my 58 year-old used-to-be lightning-quick reflexes, disaster was averted. I even had time to lay on the horn and shake my head in disbelief.

I was surprised that I saw very few cool cars all day. There was a new Porsche Turbo in red, albeit dulled by all the goo on the road and a Buick with a great set of rims. Other than that, nada.

My GPS tried to re-route me ever since I decided to skip Chicago and take I-80 back in Gary, IN. Like at every intersection! Now I think its mad at me for not following directions. When it says recalculating and make a legal U-turn, the womans voice speaks with such contempt that I know Im in trouble.

So, overall, a great day. I saw so many trailers, that I was glad that I was able to ride. Cant wait to get to Spearfish, meet up with Kory, and get on the Baggah.

One final thought: riding alone great distances sucks. The last time I rode out, Da Pope was with me.

Maybe next year, Streets and Da Pope can make the trip.


RIP Ryan

Ryan Michael Creeden
SANDWICH — After a long, courageous fight and a lengthy hospital stay, Ryan passed away.

Ryan grew up in Sharon and moved with his family to Sandwich 20 years ago. He was a member of Sandwich High School's graduating Class of 2000.

Ryan's strong work ethic enabled him to excel at all that he did. After years of hard work, Ryan earned a reputation as a fine carpenter. He was able to utilize his talent at work and on his home that he owned. He also spent time as a custom motorcycle builder, even appearing on a Discovery Channel Biker Build-Off. In January of 2009, he decided to pursue his growing passion for cooking and moved to Austin, Texas, to attend the Texas Culinary Academy. While in Texas, Ryan made many great new friends, both in culinary school and at Uchi, a top sushi restaurant where he was training with the best.

After losing his older brother Jesse, Ryan didn't hesitate to enjoy life to the fullest and as Tim McGraw would say, "he was lucky enough to have had the chance to live like he was dying." Ryan loved his music, his food, his family and his friends, and we are all better people having known him.

Ryan had an infectious personality and sense of humor. His smile and blue eyes will not be easily forgotten. He was always thinking of others and never hesitated to offer help to those in need. Ryan will be missed by many, especially his dog Hunter. They camped and hiked together in the mountains of New Hampshire and on the beaches of Cape Cod.

Ryan is survived by his parents, Loesje and Michael Creeden of Sandwich; and sister Cerissa Creeden and future brother-in-law Brian Blaney of Mansfield. Ryan's older brother, Jesse Creeden, passed away in 1996. Ryan will now be reunited with Jesse.

Visiting hours will be held from 4 to 8 p.m. on Friday, July 31, 2009, in the Nickerson-Bourne Funeral Home, 154 Route 6A, in Sandwich. A Mass of Christian burial will be celebrated at 11 a.m. on Saturday at Corpus Christi Catholic Church, 324 Quaker Meeting House Road, in East Sandwich. Burial in the Sandwich Town Cemetery follows. In lieu of flowers, donations in his memory may be made to the New Scholarship Fund that has been set up by Ryan's friends. The Run for Ryan will become an annual event and will continue to support the scholarship fund. Details about the scholarship will be decided at a later date. Checks may be made payable to: Run For Ryan and sent to P.O. Box 522, Forestdale, MA 02644.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sturgis Day 2

Day 2: July 30
The thing about affords you the opportunity to block out all the day-to-day crapand think about whats really important-like family and friends andera better rain suit and seamless undershorts...and maybe a big container of Gold Bond powder.
No big dealreally.
Ive just finished the two most worry-free weeks in six years: both boys were home from war-Eric from Afghanistan for good and Mick on leave from Iraq.
For the first time in a long time, it was great to hear them bumping in their rooms like they used to growing up and not worrying about the knock on the door or the telephone or cell phone ringing.
Eric is going to grad school in a few weeks and , with a little luck, Mick will be back stateside in two months and in grad school himself by next fall.
I made it to Elyria, OH, just past Cleveland, riding just under 7 hours and covering 415 miles. The first 4 hours were in a miserable rain with temperatures dropping to the low 70s/high 60s as I rode through the cold front.
I usually forget an item or two when I travel, but I really goofed this time. I left in a rain suit without my riding jacket, so I dropped by Performance HD in Syracuse to get a replacement. Then, as I swung my leg over the bike, my rain suit ripped. I like to think that its the suits fault, but maybe not. Anyway, I stayed dry the whole time. It was nice the have the rain end at the NY/PA border and the temp. go up as I got to Cleveland. Some call Cleveland the mistake by the lake, but its skyline is actually very photogenic at night.
And, there are wineries in Western NY. The vines looked very green in the rain and the fog.
I run a headlight modulator on my bike and I had a vivid yellow vest on over my rainsuit, so, thanks to the flashing lights, I kept being mistaken for the police. Its nice to have so many cagers pull over and let you go by.. When they saw that I wasnt the police, they werent upset and remained very nice by signaling that I was #1.
I am off to Sioux City, IA. Originally, I was going take I 90 to Gary, IN, then I-80 to Omaha, but my GPS is telling me to go through Chicago and go directly up to I-90, so I was considering that. I am always worried about the traffic around Chicago, but I might try lane-splitting. Kory takes I-90 through Chicago and advises against going through at any times other than very early or very late. Since Ill be in the area by mid-morning, Ill probably drop south of Gary to I-80, go west and turn right at Omaha.
I think theres the worlds biggest truck stop in Iowa along I-80, so Ill look for it and stop if I find it.
Happy trails!

Our Live Sturgis Reporter! Thug

Day 1: July 29

Your intrepid and dauntless Sturgis reporter is about to embark on the annual pilgrimage: riding from upstate NY to the hallowed grounds that are western South Dakota.

Ive gone there a few different ways: riding the entire distance, trailered, and flown/ shipped.
This year, its time to return to the roots sort of. You see, My Perewtz face-lifted 2008 Road Glide is being shipped, but I, having chosen to being True to your school (thanks to Brian Wilson), have decided to ride there on my BMW touring bike (purists exit here) since I dont want my prize ride trashed by the weather between here and Sturgis. No RUB herejust the facts.

The BMW has been my mudder for a number of years. I dont care much about how it looks in fact, I dont ever remember washing it but I have taken it 4500 miles in 5 days once and it held up, along with my back and my fat a**, I've mounted a GPS, radar detector, and CB on it, so I'm ready to lay down some serious miles.

Actually, as I write this, I am V-Twin-less, with the Orange Bike on loan to a museum, and the Bobbah on the DL with a motor problem. I rode my Road King 1400 miles straight earlier in my biking life, but were talking about a factory paint job versus a Perewtiz custom job. The price notwithstanding, who want to trash a great paint job thanks to the Midwest summer weather and the inevitable road construction?

I am offaround 6 pm hoping to get past Cleveland on day one. The plan is to make it to Sioux City, IA on day two, then on to the Spearfish Holiday Inn by Friday night. Kory and Joe, hauling the trailer, should be there by Friday, too. The radar looks ugly right now-a lot of nasty weather between me and my day one objective, but well see how it goes.

See you on the road.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Indian Day 3

Dirti took the Indian for it's first ride today. He said that he loved it!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Perewitz Indian

This is the status of the Indian this morning. Jay and Big Ron have been hustling to get it done. I have to tell you it came out wicked cool!! It is something once again entirely different than your average Perewitz custom.
More to come tomorrow when it is one the ground and ready to ride!

Monday, July 27, 2009

New Video Camera!

I finally got a new video camera. It is just a tiny hand held thing that just plugs into your USB port. Anyway here is what is happening at the shop today! The guys are getting ready to head out to Sturgis later this week. This "bike" more like frame and motor, will be complete by Thursday!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Another Off Subject!

How can I not share this. What an amazing woman! Think about it she was born in 1899!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Andrea's Ride

Andrea was here a week or so ago to take her bike for it's maiden voyage and she did awesome. She grasped the idea of the jockey shift and foot clutch immediately. She took the bike home and practiced. She recently rode it back here so Kory can take it to Sturgis. So be sure to check her out riding around South Dakota!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July Bike Night

We have been extremely busy here so I am sorry that it is taking me a week to post some photo's from Bike Night. If you were unable to make it, you sure missed a good night!!! The parking lot was PACKED! We had bikes parked across the street, out back, on the grass, everywhere!

A couple of us made it up on the roof to throw the huge box of t-shirts & hats. The crowd loved it! We had some cool cars here including Kory's 63 and Big Bill's 62 Chevy's. The burnout pad was a hot attraction by spectators and participants!

Thanks to Mike Keegan for capturing the fun evening! Also thanks to everyone that helps us month after month making our Bike Night a great Success!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Andrea's Bobber

Check out the bike the guys just finished. Yup it's a female's bike! She is going to be here tomorrow to ride the jockey shift, foot clutch so I will get some photo's of that. sorry my video camara broke so no video :-(

Monday, July 13, 2009

Wednesday - Bike Night!!!

We are having our July Bike Night this Wednesday! Come join us for lots of fun. It should be good weather finally! We have lots of fun planned.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July

We hope that everyone has a safe and
fun Independance Day.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Impossible to ride in MA

GoodGuys PPG Nationals

Perewitz 33 Hot Rod to appear at Good Guys Show!!


STRONGSVILLE, Ohio – July 2, 2009 – One of America’s best-known motorcycle builders and customizers, Dave Perewitz, often called the master of “art in motion,” will sign autographs at the PPG exhibit during the Goodguys PPG Nationals July 10 – 12, at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus, Ohio.

Regarded as a living legend among hot rod, street rod, and motorcycle enthusiasts, Perewitz is the force behind Perewitz Cycle Fabrication, his family-run shop in Bridgewater, MA. A gifted custom painter and devotee of PPG products, Perewitz is known for his one-of-a-kind, hand-built creations and awesome flame designs – a combination of design, engineering, performance and beauty.

Perewitz’s reputation for excellence gained broader awareness when he competed in two Biker Build-Offs for the Discovery Channel’s popular cable program. Many celebrities, including Hulk Hogan, Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford, NASCAR’s Tony Stewart, Ray Evernham, Kyle Petty and others, have commissioned him for custom motorcycle builds. He recently ventured into street rod designs when he teamed with Factory Five Racing to build a stunning orange FFR ’33 Hot Rod. This awesome hot rod will be displayed at the PPG Vibrance Show Truck in Columbus.

Perewitz will appear and sign autographs at the PPG Vibrance Show Truck Friday, July 10 from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm and on Saturday, July 11 from 10:00 am to 11:00 am.

PPG will also present a seminar covering the Vibrance Collection® and Deltron® product lines along with the latest in PPG waterborne technology. The seminar is scheduled for Saturday, July 11 from 1:45 pm to 2:30 pm, and will give special attention to the creative possibilities PPG products afford customizers.

This is the 12th year PPG has sponsored the Goodguys Nationals. Goodguys is the world’s largest rod and custom association with membership approaching 70,000 nationwide. According to Marc Meadors, Goodguys president, “the Goodguys PPG Nationals has become the mid-summer meeting place for the entire hot rodding community. With over 6,500 rods, customs, muscle cars and classics, this event symbolizes America’s passion for hot cars and bright colors, showcasing the industry’s latest trends. Together with PPG, Goodguys will keep the hot rod torch shining for future generations of car lovers worldwide.”

To learn more about Dave Perewitz, visit To learn more about Goodguys Rod & Custom Association visit For more information about PPG call 800-647-6050 or visit the PPG Automotive Refinish website at

For further information please contact:
Calvinia Fields