Friday, July 31, 2009

Thug Day 3 Continued

Day 3, again
I made it to Spearfishsafe and sound. Just under 1800 miles total. The bike ran great and there were no other problems.
But thats not the real story.
What are the chancesone in a zillion?
Let me explain with a joke: The company was hurting for revenue so the sales manager assembled the sales team to announce a big increase in sales for the next quarter. The manager said Team, and we are a teamtogether we can reach this goal. There were groans and gasps in the room because the goal was about impossible.
One salesperson spoke up. I cant do it. I am tapped out. I dont think anyone else can do it either. I think the goal is ridiculous."
The sales manager listened, then said Our team can do it. All I hear from you is I cant do it Im tapped out I, I, I. You know, there is no I in TEAM.
To which the salesperson said, Youre right, and your sales goal? There no F in WAY.
Which is what Kory said when I bumped into Him and Joe Pro in a gas station/restaurant in tiny Kimball, SD today.
We left for Sturgis from different cities, on different days, and took different routes. Butit happened! Face to Face!
Then, it kinda happened again. We left together, but Kory was traveling a bit faster than I wasmy bike has a nasty vibration at 4500 rpm, so I have to either keep it under or over those revs. That translates to speeds there were either too slow or too fast for Korys pace. I opted for slower, knowing that Id have to stop for fuel anyway. Then the winds and rain came, so I pulled over and got all my gear on. And I stopped to offer help to a rider broken down. Sonot a half mile from the Spearfish exit and 270 miles later, I caught up to Kory. Amazing!
Todays other story was the weather. The day started off great. Crisp, clean air and sun. The temperature got up to 86 with just a few clouds in the sky. But a wicked cold front came through, dropping the temperature down to 62 in just a few minutes and blowing riders all over the interstate. I was leaned over for about 3 hours and it was Hell passing big rigs.
I dont think I packed anything but t-shirts, so I may have to buy a hoodie tomorrow.
The scenery was much nicer than yesterday and I opted to pass by the Corn Palace (the only one in the world) and Walls Drugstore (also the only one in the world) as I really wanted to get to Spearfish.
Im beat from the wind. And tomorrow, Ill be back riding a V-Twin.
Cant wait.


Anonymous said...

Luv the daily "Thug's Road to Sturgis stories". You have fun but be careful out there. Miss you.
Susie P. xox

Anonymous said...

Wait - riding AND taking photos? BE CAREFUL!
Looking forward to more updates.
Have fun.