Monday, June 30, 2008

Barb's Women's Riding Essential Class

Last Thursday Nicole and I did our second Women's Riding Essential Class at Barb's Harley Davidson in Philly. It was another great night. We had about 30 women who came to listen, share their stories, and make new friends.

Nicole and I went over the basic and then got into some interesting topics and discussions with the ladies. Some of the ladies told funny stories about how they got started riding motorcycles. One particular lady got a bike just because she saw another women riding and she thought it looked really cool!

Barb's employees were great too. They joined in the conversation with their tales and also some recommendation on what Harley's would fit women. Harley makes lots of models in different sizes and styles that would be good for women. Barb's has a large group of women in her HOG chapter that have been riding for a long time. It was good that they shared their experience with the new riders and encouraged them to join their Saturday and Sunday rides.

We had some great prizes including some stuff from Barb's and of course some of the best security for your bike, a Kryptonite locks. The ladies all left with smiles, new knowledge and even a prize.

July 10th we will be in San Francisco at Scuderia for another Women's Riding Essentials.

I have some pictures from the event that I will post tomorrow (I forgot my camera at home).

The Rocks!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Airline Rant

I am going to go on a little rant about airlines. I flew to Philadelphia this past week for Barb's Harley Davidson Women's Riding Essentials Class. The event was sponsored by Kryptonite.
Anyway, I rushed to leave work to get to the airport to find out that my flight was an hour and half delayed due to mechanical problem. So I sat at the airport and waited with everyone else. Fortunately the flight is only 40 minutes so once we got in the air we didn't have long. I ended up being 2 hours late. I thought oh well complaining isn't going to get me anywhere. The next day Nicole and I did a riding class. We had a great turnout of girls, but I will write about that next week with some pictures.
I had a flight scheduled for last night but I figured I would try to go home early because I had a lot of work to do. There is a flight about every hour from PHL to PVD (Providence, RI) so I thought I would be able to go on standby on an earlier one. I woke up at 6 am to call the airline to see what was available. To my amazement every flight was full!
I guess I will just going to have to wait. I arrived at the airport about 4:45 for a 6pm flight. I walked right through security and got to the gate to find out the plane was an hour delayed! Dajavu. Also the airport terminals air conditioning was broken and packed with people. It had to be a 100 degrees in there. People had sweat dripping off there heads. During the day in Philly it was at least 95 degrees out!
We ended up boarding the place 2 hours late. Then once we got on the runway the captain came on and said " sorry folks but we are going to be sitting here a while so I will turn off the seat belt sign so you can move about the cabin". Great! What a nice captain allowing us to walk freely in the 12" isle.
I ended up getting home at midnight! So the plane was about 4 hours late! I was thinking that the time I spent just at the airport I could have driven down and back. There's nothing like wanting to come home and have to deal with delays.
I am dreading my next flight! I feel sorry for people that depend on airlines to get them to a scheduled event on time. And the airlines now have enough nerve to charge for luggage!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Off to do photo

Today and yesterday Kory and Dave have been busy with Dino Petrocelli and Vinny taking lots of pictures! The photo's will be for misc. publications. Yesterday with the thunder and rain all day they didn't get much accomplished. So today they headed to Plymouth and the Cape Cod Canel for some shots. If you see them give em' a wave!

I am off to Barb's Harley Davidson for our 2nd Kryptonite Women's Riding Essential Class. She is having the event at her dealership tomorrow night with Nicole and I. Come by if you are in the Philly area! I will post about it lata!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Perewitz/Kryptonite Women's Riding Essentials

Last Thursday night we had a Women's Riding Essential class. Nicole Roesch and I had a great discussion with several local ladies, after an introduction from Donna. Everyone seemed to join in and share experiences, tips, and stories. There was a great camaraderie from all of us.
There was all different skill levels at the class. Some of the girls were veteran riders, some new, and some with just an interest! Krptonite sponsored the event giving each lady a rotor lock to protect their two wheeled machines. We had sandwiches, salad, and snacks for all the girls.

Nicole and I bring a different side of the motorcycle industry to the table. I was fascinated with what she had to say about racing and her career. We definitely clicked. We do share a passion for motorcycles and had almost the same safety and riding tips! I brought out my bright colored Icon jacket to show the ladies a good protective jacket that is cool at the same time! Nicole also gave some riding gear tips and stated that if you feel funny, you will get used to it and then feel naked without it!
We are planing another women's event in August. We were thinking of having an ice cream party! What woman doesn't love ice cream, especial on a hot summer day!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Freeway Days Kustom Show 08 ‘En France!

French Rides and French Fries,
By Sara Liberte

I got to travel to France for the Freeway Days Kustom Show put on by Freeway Magazine, a very cool motorcycle publication from across the pond.

I was expecting to see some really foreign looking stuff but that wasn’t the case, the French really love our American culture! From American hotrods to tricked out Harley Davidson’s to full blown customs that resemble some of the hottest trends in America, this show had me feeling right at home in the good Ol’ USA. O.K. I’ll admit, maybe the Heineken beer and French fries had something to do with making me feel at home too.

The cool thing about this show is the French really focus on art, everything from good music with a killer band line up, to craftsmen. At the show you could check out the blacksmith shaping and hammering away at metal and creating some very cool objects to some knives and swords.
You could also see more traditional sketch artist’s displaying some incredible talent on paper, as well as some awesome airbrush artists. Lets not forget the art of ink, Polynesian tattoo artists were on hand creating some very unique body art, as well as performing some traditional Polynesian dances. So many interesting vendors were in attendance, I enjoyed the barbershop set up where guests could grab a seat in the old style barber chair and get treated to a good ole’ buzz job, hey you wanna hang, then you need your trim to be just right, greaser style you dig? Nothing goes better with your rolled up Levis than a Dickies Work Jacket and a flat-top haircut.

Charlie from Freeway Magazine did a great job presenting the trophies and acknowledging the hard work and craftsmanship that went into each ride.

For people that say the French don’t like Americans, your just hanging with the wrong group of Frenchies hang with the moto/auto crowd and you’ll find out soon they have a soft spot for our awesome American Culture!


I guess have been slacking on the blog this past week. Sorry, I have personally been really busy with a big investment ;-) . I am going to give you lots of content and news today!

We had a Women's Riding Essential class last night that was awesome! I will write about that in another post. We had our first Bike Night for 2008 on Wednesday night, and we got some new t-shirts in and Big Ron has been working on the final stages of Ruben Brown's sidecar bike, AND Dirti is growing a fro!
Honestly I don't have any picture from Bike Night yet but when I do I will post them! It was a slow night but still a good crowd! Thanks to all that came!

The new shirts, designed by Jeff, in men's. They come in black and white with the "true school to new school" on the bottom back.
The girls T's with bright pink and lime green. They are very cool and young. You can purchase one on our website,!

Ruben's sidecar bike. This is going to be a cool ride although Ruben will probably make it look like a toy!

Big Ron going for a ride!

I think Dirti is trying to be Billy Ray Cyrus!

I think he should grow a mullet!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Go Green!

What a great city to live in! Congrats to our team!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


This is going to be a little rant about a business in our industry, Sha-Sha Shoes. We used to sell them in our store until about 8 months ago. I made an order at the begining of the summer last year. They sent the complete wrong order and it was a big order. They said to keep them, of course I was charged, but if they didn't sell I could send them back. They would credit our card for everything including shipping. Well at the end of the summer they didn't sell so I sent back about a dozen pairs of shoes.

I called and spoke with Cynthia, whom I am sure you knew if you dealt with them, and she said when they arrived she would credit us back. That was in September! I still have not seen a credit back. i call the number at least once a week and leave messages. About a month and half ago I got a call from a girl that said she was helping Billy Ruff, supposedly the owner. She told me that they were so busy that they couldn't keep up and they are definitely not going out of business! Ya right! She stated that she would call back that day and get the card info to credit it back.

I am still waiting! I began to call again until the number was disconnected! Of course I continued to call it and finally there was a forwarded number. I am still currently calling and leaving messages and getting no where.

I have a reminder on my computer that pops up twice a week reminding me to call. I am on week 26!

Talk about bad customer service! I have no product and no money back! I will never buy another thing from them again, althought I don't think anyone will be either!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Deadliest Catch Caught The Perewitz's!

Last week Dave got a call from his good friend, Phil Harris, inviting him to Gloucester for the day. Phil is Captain of the Cornelia Marie from the Discovery Channels Deadliest Catch TV Show. Dave and I left early in the morning and fought horrendous traffic for 2 ½ hours to Gloucester, Massachusetts. Or as we like to say “Gloucesta”. The trip was well worth it.

We were invited to the closed taping of two episodes of Discovery Channel’s “After the Catch” show. This was a bona fide TV show taping with trailers, catered lunch, cameras and sound equipment everywhere. This event caused quite a commotion at Prattys bar with a large crowd of onlookers waiting to catch a glimpse of their favorite captains and maybe even get some autographs. Several people recognized Dave and he did pictures and autographs too. We gave Phil a Perewitz shirt and he wore it on the show. Also gave Phil some Peppawitz, Wicked Pissa Peppa, and I hope it will be used on the boat during taping of a show. (Watch out guys…its habit forming).

The host of the show was Mike Rowe from the “Dirtiest Jobs”. Present for After the Catch were Captain Phil Harris, Captain John Hillstrand of the Time Bandit, Captain Sig Hansen of the Northwestern, and Captain Keith of the Wizard. We got to meet all of them and hang out with them for the day. These guys were all so cool especially Phil, John, and Mike.

There were many guests on these two episodes including some local fisherman who had many tales to tell. All were very interesting. We especially enjoyed meeting and listening to Laura (sorry can’t remember her last name) who was a Coast Guard helicopter pilot stationed in Alaska. She is now retired. During the course of her 15 years of service all over the world Laura made close to 200 rescues, including a very dangerous, scary rescue of a crab fishing boat which will be on her episode.

Two days later, on the way to fly home, Phil and galpal Michelle, stopped by our store to check out the Perewitz motorcycles and shop. He wants a Perewitz bike but needs to be around to ride….most of his time is spent in Alaska. Even when the camera’s aren’t rolling the Cornelia Maria and Captain Phil is out on their regular fishing expeditions.

Had lots of fun with some really, really good people. Sorry it took me so long to get this story together……sooo slow on the computer…..broken right hand…remember!!!! Will follow with pics of my Perewitz custom painted cast!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Thunder Road to Host Dave Perewitz Custom Paint Bike Show

STURGIS, S.D. –June 7, 2008–Thunder Road, known as the “Custom Capital of Sturgis,” is home to some of the motorcycle industry’s hottest customs during Sturgis Bike Week. This year will be no exception as Thunder Road prepares to host the Dave Perewitz Custom Paint Bike Show, which will highlight some of the industry’s best art. This premier event will be sponsored by Kryptonite Locks.

Instead of focusing on the machines themselves, as most shows at Sturgis do, this day will be all about the industry’s artistic side. The Dave Perewitz Custom Paint Bike Show will focus on the paint and finishes industry professionals use to achieve those slick custom looks.

The show’s namesake, Dave Perewitz, will also be exhibiting some of his famous customs. Dave has been building and customizing motorcycles since the early 1970s, and his celebrity clientele has includes the likes of Hulk Hogan, Brad Whitford and Kyle Petty. Considered a master of all aspects of the customization process, from engineering to aesthetics, Dave’s bikes are regarded as “art in motion.”

“Dave Perewitz has created some of the industry’s best customs motorcycles with his signature flame jobs” said Promoter Carrie Repp of R&R Promotions “This show will give every painter and builder the opportunity to compete with their peers on strictly the quality and aesthetic appeal of their work.”

Awards will be given in a variety of categories, including best pearl, best candy, best use of color, best artwork, best graphics, best in show and Perewitz best flames. The show runs from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., and the awards will be announced at 5 p.m.

The Dave Perewitz Custom Paint Bike Show is sponsored by Kryptonite Locks and will be held in Thunder Road’s Thunderdome. Admission to the Thunderdome is $5, but there is free parking and Glencoe Gold campers get in free. For more information, please visit
About Thunder Road

Located 3 miles east of Sturgis on Highway 34, Thunder Road is hard to miss. With six acres of paved vending space full of high-end, custom, aftermarket vendors and the nearly 40,000 square foot Thunderdome, Thunder Road is the “Custom Capital of Sturgis Bike Week.” During the course of the week, Thunder Road is host to the most custom-bike themed events in Sturgis. In conjunction with all the events, Thunder Road will have the best attractions around, including Miss Sturgis, and even more great entertainment. Thunder Road is a part of the Glencoe Nation and is located directly in front of the Glencoe Camp Resort, which will be host to Rock’n the Rally, an event that will have over 10 national music acts. There’s something for everyone at Thunder Road. And, of course, there’s plenty of free parking!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Top 50 Rally Park celebrates women

· Top 50 Rally Park, Independent Cycle Inc., and Legend Air-Suspension have joined forces to celebrate and honor women bikers by continuing the new Sturgis tradition of Top 50 Rally Park’s “Women’s Day” Thursday, August 7, 2008 at the Top 50 Rally Park.
· The exclusive event celebrates the independence, freedom and adrenaline that inspires women to ride their own motorcycle, not just hang on for life. Top 50 Rally Park is honored to be the first Sturgis rally park to recognize the rapidly evolving image of women in the motorcycle industry by creating events designed specifically for women by women.
· The highlight of the day is the Bike for Breast Cancer Awareness - EWC (Every Woman Counts) Top 50 Rally Park Charity Ride. This year’s event will benefit Brenda Fox, a motorcycle journalist and spokesperson for women in motorcycling. Brenda has been battling with breast cancer issues and rising medical bills. This year’s ride and charity auction proceeds will assist her in getting through this difficult time, allowing the industry to give back to the woman who has helped so many motorcycle builders and parts manufacturers. The ride begins at 12:00noon and promises to be an off-the-beaten-path adventure through the Black Hills region. Registration begins at 10 a.m. Registration is $15 per person.
· The day will include short seminars designed for women, from well-known women in the industry.
o Laura Klock, the world’s fastest bagger record holder from Klock Werks Kustom Cycles with a land speed record of 147 mph will share riding tips for the racer or the daily rider at 11:00am before leading the charity ride along side Brenda Fox.
o Jody Perewitz of Perewitz Cycle Fabrication has been on and around bikes her whole life. At 3:00pm she will guide bike owners from of all levels of experience through motorcycle maintenance and customizations that anyone can do for themselves.
· Following the ride, a live charity auction featuring motorcycle parts from some of the biggest names in the industry as well as celebrity items kicks off at 4:30pm. Upcoming celebrity support will be featured on and .
· Throughout the day Top 50 Rally Park will be hosting pit bike races for women involved in the motorcycle industry. Laura Klock, Jody Perewitz, Jessi Combs of Extreme 4x4, female builders, promoters, and magazine writers will be racing around the track on these pint-sized machines battling it out for first place in the Motorcycle Industry, World Pit-bike Finals!
· Women’s Day visitors will also have the chance to see the Legend Top 50 Custom Bike Show builders and bikes on display including those competing in the NEW “Women Builders” division.
· Brenda Fox is currently gaining strength and is committed to helping woman overcome challenges related to breast cancer and on a whole. She says “This project gives me a platform to get stronger and turn my situation around for a great cause. I love life on two wheels and I AM so thankful I can enjoy the journey of the ride with others. The motorcycle industry had given me support at a time my life crashed. I look forward to raising awareness for the Every Woman Counts Cancer program and this ride will allow us to reach out to a much bigger picture. I am grateful to have the opportunity."
· Top 50 Rally Park is a premier vending and events destination during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, exclusive home to Jason Britton and Jason Pullen stunt performances and more. For further information on the park itself, special guests, and events exclusive to Top 50 Rally park go to