Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Go Green!

What a great city to live in! Congrats to our team!


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Mr. Motorcycle said...

Being from Minnesota and all, I miss the crap out of K.G.. I used to be a huge Timberwolves fan. Not since he left us. I am sad that our franchise didn't keep him, but he could have taken the same paycut he took to go the the Celtics, and Stay in Minnesota, and we could have spent that money to surround him with other star players. He could have pulled it off here too, but I guess it was not meant to be. Wolves suck now. I miss K.G., and I am happy for him with all of his talent that he finally got a championship ring.

Way to go Celtics!, Way to go K.G.!

Wendy in El Paso said...

Thank god we won this. I hate the Lakers so much. They're just the Yankees of basketball.