Thursday, June 12, 2008


This is going to be a little rant about a business in our industry, Sha-Sha Shoes. We used to sell them in our store until about 8 months ago. I made an order at the begining of the summer last year. They sent the complete wrong order and it was a big order. They said to keep them, of course I was charged, but if they didn't sell I could send them back. They would credit our card for everything including shipping. Well at the end of the summer they didn't sell so I sent back about a dozen pairs of shoes.

I called and spoke with Cynthia, whom I am sure you knew if you dealt with them, and she said when they arrived she would credit us back. That was in September! I still have not seen a credit back. i call the number at least once a week and leave messages. About a month and half ago I got a call from a girl that said she was helping Billy Ruff, supposedly the owner. She told me that they were so busy that they couldn't keep up and they are definitely not going out of business! Ya right! She stated that she would call back that day and get the card info to credit it back.

I am still waiting! I began to call again until the number was disconnected! Of course I continued to call it and finally there was a forwarded number. I am still currently calling and leaving messages and getting no where.

I have a reminder on my computer that pops up twice a week reminding me to call. I am on week 26!

Talk about bad customer service! I have no product and no money back! I will never buy another thing from them again, althought I don't think anyone will be either!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Jody!

Time to paint your own boots!

In recognition of the hassle you've been through, you could name your first model "The Stroke"



Anonymous said...


Never let a vendor try to fix their mistake by making you keep what they did wrong. Have them pick up the shipment at their expense and then reship the correct order freight prepaid.

From a guy who's been in Customer Service for a long time.....