Friday, June 20, 2008

Freeway Days Kustom Show 08 ‘En France!

French Rides and French Fries,
By Sara Liberte

I got to travel to France for the Freeway Days Kustom Show put on by Freeway Magazine, a very cool motorcycle publication from across the pond.

I was expecting to see some really foreign looking stuff but that wasn’t the case, the French really love our American culture! From American hotrods to tricked out Harley Davidson’s to full blown customs that resemble some of the hottest trends in America, this show had me feeling right at home in the good Ol’ USA. O.K. I’ll admit, maybe the Heineken beer and French fries had something to do with making me feel at home too.

The cool thing about this show is the French really focus on art, everything from good music with a killer band line up, to craftsmen. At the show you could check out the blacksmith shaping and hammering away at metal and creating some very cool objects to some knives and swords.
You could also see more traditional sketch artist’s displaying some incredible talent on paper, as well as some awesome airbrush artists. Lets not forget the art of ink, Polynesian tattoo artists were on hand creating some very unique body art, as well as performing some traditional Polynesian dances. So many interesting vendors were in attendance, I enjoyed the barbershop set up where guests could grab a seat in the old style barber chair and get treated to a good ole’ buzz job, hey you wanna hang, then you need your trim to be just right, greaser style you dig? Nothing goes better with your rolled up Levis than a Dickies Work Jacket and a flat-top haircut.

Charlie from Freeway Magazine did a great job presenting the trophies and acknowledging the hard work and craftsmanship that went into each ride.

For people that say the French don’t like Americans, your just hanging with the wrong group of Frenchies hang with the moto/auto crowd and you’ll find out soon they have a soft spot for our awesome American Culture!

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Bikers are bikers in any language. Merci for a great post.

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