Monday, June 23, 2008

Perewitz/Kryptonite Women's Riding Essentials

Last Thursday night we had a Women's Riding Essential class. Nicole Roesch and I had a great discussion with several local ladies, after an introduction from Donna. Everyone seemed to join in and share experiences, tips, and stories. There was a great camaraderie from all of us.
There was all different skill levels at the class. Some of the girls were veteran riders, some new, and some with just an interest! Krptonite sponsored the event giving each lady a rotor lock to protect their two wheeled machines. We had sandwiches, salad, and snacks for all the girls.

Nicole and I bring a different side of the motorcycle industry to the table. I was fascinated with what she had to say about racing and her career. We definitely clicked. We do share a passion for motorcycles and had almost the same safety and riding tips! I brought out my bright colored Icon jacket to show the ladies a good protective jacket that is cool at the same time! Nicole also gave some riding gear tips and stated that if you feel funny, you will get used to it and then feel naked without it!
We are planing another women's event in August. We were thinking of having an ice cream party! What woman doesn't love ice cream, especial on a hot summer day!

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