Monday, June 30, 2008

Barb's Women's Riding Essential Class

Last Thursday Nicole and I did our second Women's Riding Essential Class at Barb's Harley Davidson in Philly. It was another great night. We had about 30 women who came to listen, share their stories, and make new friends.

Nicole and I went over the basic and then got into some interesting topics and discussions with the ladies. Some of the ladies told funny stories about how they got started riding motorcycles. One particular lady got a bike just because she saw another women riding and she thought it looked really cool!

Barb's employees were great too. They joined in the conversation with their tales and also some recommendation on what Harley's would fit women. Harley makes lots of models in different sizes and styles that would be good for women. Barb's has a large group of women in her HOG chapter that have been riding for a long time. It was good that they shared their experience with the new riders and encouraged them to join their Saturday and Sunday rides.

We had some great prizes including some stuff from Barb's and of course some of the best security for your bike, a Kryptonite locks. The ladies all left with smiles, new knowledge and even a prize.

July 10th we will be in San Francisco at Scuderia for another Women's Riding Essentials.

I have some pictures from the event that I will post tomorrow (I forgot my camera at home).

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Donna T. said...

Thanks to you and Nicole for doing such a great job for us. I'm sure all of the ladies had a great time and went home with more knowledge than they came with! You two ROCK!