Monday, April 28, 2008

Motorcyclist in need

I recieved this e-mail from Marilyn today and thought I would share it! Make sure to at least check out her site. It's a great one!

Wonder if you know Brenda Fox? She just had breast cancer surgery last week and has also had some emotional difficulties - read: man trouble. Anyway, she has no family, outside of motorcycling, so if you could help to get the word out about her website, I'm sure she'd appreciate it...
Marilyn Stemp

Friday, April 25, 2008

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Perewitz Machine

This is the latest project Big Ron is working on in the fab area! A "motorized" Indian Scooter! or as we say it "Scootah"! Big Ron comes up with the best stuff!

My dad bought this at a flea markey in Daytona I think. It is really cool to buzz around the parking on on, no more Flintstone-ing it!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Flames! Not Perewitz flames either!

Last night my dad called and said he was standing in the parking lot of the shop and could see flames from the junk yard down the street! "Jod, Wood's is on fire!"
So of course I wanted to see for myself. There isn't much action in Bridgewater so we have to take advatage of it when there is. I picked my friend Sandy up and we took a drive to see the fire. We couldn't get near it because they had the street's blocked off but we managed to get a view of some flames! We went down a side street that is on a hill that over looks the junk yard. It was a huge ball of fire. There were a couple ladder trucks fully extended fighting the blaze. Fortunately there wasn't anyone injured in the blaze.

The odd thing about this is that there was another fire last week at another junk yard down the street. The shop is in the middle of the 2 junk yards that are only 1 mile apart. I am wondering if one fire has anything to do with the other...

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Buck's

I got a call from a friend, Wendy Manning. She is oringially from Massachusetts but currently lives in hot El Paso Texas. Wendy and her hubby Buck write for Barnett Magazine. She was calling to tell us that my dad's 50 Panhead is on the July cover! Wahooo!

Being from Boston there is often stuff that we can relate to but in Texas they just don't get it. It's funny because she tells me stories about things that are happening here! Wait a minute, she live in Texas and I live in Massachusetts but she knows first... I know crazy huh!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Riding weather finally HERE!

Today is so nice out, FINALLY! The temperature while I am writing this is 75! I think especially being a Friday, a lot of people suddenly came down with a "sickness" and couldn't go to work. There have been bikes stopping here all day. I am a little jealous that I can't be out riding my bike but hey hopefully there will be many more warm days!

My mom and I took the dogs outside in the field with a ball. Zipp chased the ball, Cheech chased Zipp and Lou chased Cheech! It was funny to see all three dogs panting from running around like crazy! Zipp was doing jumps and spins trying to get the ball.
If you are going out riding today, be careful, and have fun!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

In the Works

Check out the pictures of a new bike we are building, well actually Big Ron is building it, because it hasn't gone past fabrication stage as of now. It is a 49 Panhead Frame with a 66 Shovelhead in it. The motor actually has a Panhead bottom and Shovel tops like all 66-69 HD motors had. Dave is building it for himself but like all his bikes he doesn't keep them for long so this could be yours!

The springer front end is a Harley that was shortened. Notice the custom made bars?It also has a custom exhaust Big Ron made. There is a lot of cool trick things on this bike that is going to make it an eye catcher! It's also cool because once again it breaks the Perewitz mold!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Custom Theatre Chairs

We have gotten involved with a company in Texas that makes home theatre chairs, Continential Seating. They are making a special line of Perewitz custom seats. These are made in the USA with the best quality goods. We love to support American Made!

This past weekend we took the chair with us on the road! As I wrote in the previous post it was 5 of us in the truck along with the dogs... if it wasn't so cold we would have been fighting over who got to ride in the chair in the back of the truck!

Everyone was jumping to sit in the chair. Here we are on our feet all day, on the hard cement floor, dealing with people, eating crappy show food, and then there is the big plush chair! It was like a little piece of heaven. I have to say though most of the weekend one person hogged the chair... no not Dave... I know that's what you were thinking... JEFF! I think he even made some sales from the chair! When Jeff wasn't in the chair we had a few special guest in it including Michele Smith from American Thunder.

You can order one of these custom chairs right from us! They make an awesome addition to your home theatre, living room, office, anywhere!

Michele taking a break!

Dave, Michele, and Susan. Fit for 3!

Jeff 11 am, the show is only from 10am-5pm

Jeff 12:30pm

1:30 pm

Jeff 2pm

3 pm


Deadliest Catch!

I got an e-mail from the Dion's with the link below.
Check out the link below. Watch clip 8. Notice anything?

Friday, April 11, 2008

The last Northeast Expo

Today my mom, dad, Kory, Jeff, the 2 dogs and I traveled to Long Island for the last Northeast Expo for 2008. Yup that's right 5 of us plus Louie and Cheech in the truck. Thankfully it is a crew cab so it was tight but it could have been worse. We took the ferry from New London which is only about an hour and half from home. So the hour and half ferry ride broke up the trip. We had an hour and half drive to the ferry, that we barely caught, then an hour and half ferry ride, then an hour and half ride on the island. I took my camera with me but unfortunately I forgot to take my memory card out of my computer at work!! So no pictures but don't worry we stopped at a Target and I got one. So I will bring your pictures tomorrow! The weather has been cloudy and rainy most of the day so the ferry ride wasn't beautiful, nice but not that I missed on great pictures!
Sara and I will be building our bobber for the last time too! So make sure to come check out the bike and get your raffle tickets. I heard that you were going to be the lucky winner!! :-)
The show looks like its going to be packed with vendors and cool stuff. It is at the Suffolk Community College in... I am not even sure what town we are in... Brentwood?
Anyway if you get a chance, come by the show! It looks like it is going to be a good one.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Icon Riding Gear just in time for Riding

Brenda from Icon recently said that she was going to send me some stuff to wear at events, riding, etc. I got the package last week, it was like Christmas! The weather here has been aweful so there has been no riding until yesterday! I broke out my new jacket, boots, helmet, and gloves for a ride on a customer Hayabusa.

I have another Icon jacket that I love. I wore it on my panhead and the bike spit up grease from the chain all over the back. So needless to say the jacket is definitely worn and greased! They make a great product and I am happy to wear their stuff!
If your in the market for a jacket, helmet, boots, or other riding gear make sure you take a good look at Icon's stuff.

Now I have to get my dad to wear Icon because I know he will like it!

At Barb's Harley Davidson's Women's Garage Party

Take a good look at the Hayabusa too because the next time you probably won't recognize it on the cover of 2-wheel Tuner magazine.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Thug's Adventure in Lonestar State

By: Doug "Thug" Robinson

Thug visits Strokers Dallas

I flew to Dallas for a meeting and had some time before my flight out.

My colleague knew I wanted to visit Strokes (first time), so off we went to find it. We were time-compressed, but a short visit was better than no visit at all.

I had seen some pictures of it on TV and I’m on Strokers’ e-mail list, but seeing it in person was more than impressive…wow!

It’s much, much bigger than I thought-2 ½ acres. There were tons of bikes, including 5 or 6 of Rick Fairless’s originals. We made a quick walk around the shop and then over to the Ice House for lunch.

Rick and his service crew were having a meeting with an oil vendor (sorry…I was introduced, but forgot the name), so we ordered at the bar and went outside to sit at a picnic table and wait for our burgers. I was just soaking it all in when I looked down at all the writings on the tables and saw “Shizzle”, Perewitz’s own Kory’s handle. Now…how many “Shizzles” are there, anyway?

We finished our lunch (very good, BTW) and were leaving when Rick asked us how we liked lunch.

I took the opportunity to introduce myself (I’d met Rick briefly in Sturgis in 2006 and he’d signed a poster for Streets’s son, Mark, who was flying Blackhawks for the Army in Iraq). I dropped the Perewitz name and mentioned that Dave had built a number of bikes for me and Rick commented that Dave was a good friend and offered to show us around. We only had about 10 minutes, so he showed us the service area (tons of bikes waiting to be worked on), the fab area (where the second of his new frame designs was coming to life (the first was out to paint and will be Rick’s contribution to S&Ss 50th anniversary), the corporate offices, and then the showroom.

Rick was absolutely great with us and I appreciated that he took the time to show a “suit” around.

Rick tells me that he’ll have 2000 bikes at his place on a weekend. The place reminded me of major bike events (I think his motto is “bikes, babes, and beer”), only year-round.

You could spend the better part of a day at his place. It’s well worth the visit. I plan on going back to when I return to Dallas for another meeting in the Fall.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dave's Weekend

This past weekend was a busy one for all of us here at Perewitz but especially my dad. He flew to Dallas early Friday morning to the Nascar Race. He hung out at the track all day, visiting the various drivers he has become friends with and watching the cars fly by.

Then Friday night he stood on the side of the stage while Big and Rich (one of my favorite musicians!) performed a live concert! My dad said they were awesome. After the show everyone hung around the coaches including some drivers.

On Saturday he flew to Austin for an event with West Coast Choppers Jesse James!

Jesse recently opened a new speedshop, Austin Speedshop. Dave met his friends the Iannotti's in Austin and went over to the car show. There was over 1,000 hotrods and you can bet they were some wicked cool cars! Jesse came in his new 49 Merc, all chopped. Dave also saw an old friend, Jack Rudy. Jack is a world renowned tattoo artist. Chris Callen from Cycle Source was also at the event getting some good photo's for a possible upcoming issue!

My dad has known Jesse since the days at Boyd Coddington. Jesse used to work for Boyd when he made wheels for us. Jesse and Dave became good friends. Dave was on the first Motorcycle Mania with Jesse.

On Sunday Dave sat in the suites at Dallas International Speedway to watch the Nascar Race. He sat above the track with the Mayor of Ft. Worth, Ruth Buzzy from Laugh-in, and the Green Bay Packers coach. (It's a good thing there was some entertainment in the suite because the race wasn't very entertaining... but a congrats to Carl Edwards for the win! )

Jesse, Dave and Jack Rudy

After a busy weekend, everyone is back in action getting bikes done before the warm weather gets here (which hopefully will be soon!). Our latest project is a Hayabusa! I will post some pics as it moves along. Look for it on the cover of 2-Wheel Tuner magazine!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

MN Tattoos

Kory, Dave, Susan and myself traveled to St. Paul, MN last weekend. We went out there to not only spend time with the Hamsters but also to spend time at Acme Tattoo. Nolan and T, the owners of Acme, have been our friends since I was probably barely old enough to walk. Nolan is an unbelievable artist. The crazy things he has paint, made, tranformed, are just unbelievable. So as you can tell we love to hang out and hear stories and of course get tattooed!
Below are some pictures of all of us hanging out with the Acme crew. I want to thank them for their hospitality and also congradulate Gabe and Jenny. Jenny gave birth this morning to a baby girl!