Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Flames! Not Perewitz flames either!

Last night my dad called and said he was standing in the parking lot of the shop and could see flames from the junk yard down the street! "Jod, Wood's is on fire!"
So of course I wanted to see for myself. There isn't much action in Bridgewater so we have to take advatage of it when there is. I picked my friend Sandy up and we took a drive to see the fire. We couldn't get near it because they had the street's blocked off but we managed to get a view of some flames! We went down a side street that is on a hill that over looks the junk yard. It was a huge ball of fire. There were a couple ladder trucks fully extended fighting the blaze. Fortunately there wasn't anyone injured in the blaze.

The odd thing about this is that there was another fire last week at another junk yard down the street. The shop is in the middle of the 2 junk yards that are only 1 mile apart. I am wondering if one fire has anything to do with the other...


Donna T. said...

Woa...that's big stuff for sleepy Bridgewater. Keep us posted, Ms. Roving Reporter!

Anonymous said...

hey,jody james and i drove by woods junkyard sunday,what a coiendence.