Monday, April 14, 2008

Custom Theatre Chairs

We have gotten involved with a company in Texas that makes home theatre chairs, Continential Seating. They are making a special line of Perewitz custom seats. These are made in the USA with the best quality goods. We love to support American Made!

This past weekend we took the chair with us on the road! As I wrote in the previous post it was 5 of us in the truck along with the dogs... if it wasn't so cold we would have been fighting over who got to ride in the chair in the back of the truck!

Everyone was jumping to sit in the chair. Here we are on our feet all day, on the hard cement floor, dealing with people, eating crappy show food, and then there is the big plush chair! It was like a little piece of heaven. I have to say though most of the weekend one person hogged the chair... no not Dave... I know that's what you were thinking... JEFF! I think he even made some sales from the chair! When Jeff wasn't in the chair we had a few special guest in it including Michele Smith from American Thunder.

You can order one of these custom chairs right from us! They make an awesome addition to your home theatre, living room, office, anywhere!

Michele taking a break!

Dave, Michele, and Susan. Fit for 3!

Jeff 11 am, the show is only from 10am-5pm

Jeff 12:30pm

1:30 pm

Jeff 2pm

3 pm


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