Thursday, April 10, 2008

Icon Riding Gear just in time for Riding

Brenda from Icon recently said that she was going to send me some stuff to wear at events, riding, etc. I got the package last week, it was like Christmas! The weather here has been aweful so there has been no riding until yesterday! I broke out my new jacket, boots, helmet, and gloves for a ride on a customer Hayabusa.

I have another Icon jacket that I love. I wore it on my panhead and the bike spit up grease from the chain all over the back. So needless to say the jacket is definitely worn and greased! They make a great product and I am happy to wear their stuff!
If your in the market for a jacket, helmet, boots, or other riding gear make sure you take a good look at Icon's stuff.

Now I have to get my dad to wear Icon because I know he will like it!

At Barb's Harley Davidson's Women's Garage Party

Take a good look at the Hayabusa too because the next time you probably won't recognize it on the cover of 2-wheel Tuner magazine.

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Anonymous said...

great gear, how fun was that bike to ride? See you guys friday, don't let me forget to fill up on "Pepawitz" or Ron will kill me!!!~Sara