Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dave's Weekend

This past weekend was a busy one for all of us here at Perewitz but especially my dad. He flew to Dallas early Friday morning to the Nascar Race. He hung out at the track all day, visiting the various drivers he has become friends with and watching the cars fly by.

Then Friday night he stood on the side of the stage while Big and Rich (one of my favorite musicians!) performed a live concert! My dad said they were awesome. After the show everyone hung around the coaches including some drivers.

On Saturday he flew to Austin for an event with West Coast Choppers Jesse James!

Jesse recently opened a new speedshop, Austin Speedshop. Dave met his friends the Iannotti's in Austin and went over to the car show. There was over 1,000 hotrods and you can bet they were some wicked cool cars! Jesse came in his new 49 Merc, all chopped. Dave also saw an old friend, Jack Rudy. Jack is a world renowned tattoo artist. Chris Callen from Cycle Source was also at the event getting some good photo's for a possible upcoming issue!

My dad has known Jesse since the days at Boyd Coddington. Jesse used to work for Boyd when he made wheels for us. Jesse and Dave became good friends. Dave was on the first Motorcycle Mania with Jesse.

On Sunday Dave sat in the suites at Dallas International Speedway to watch the Nascar Race. He sat above the track with the Mayor of Ft. Worth, Ruth Buzzy from Laugh-in, and the Green Bay Packers coach. (It's a good thing there was some entertainment in the suite because the race wasn't very entertaining... but a congrats to Carl Edwards for the win! )

Jesse, Dave and Jack Rudy

After a busy weekend, everyone is back in action getting bikes done before the warm weather gets here (which hopefully will be soon!). Our latest project is a Hayabusa! I will post some pics as it moves along. Look for it on the cover of 2-Wheel Tuner magazine!

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Donna T. said...

Looks like a good weekend was had by all! NASCAR again...I keep telling your dad I'll carry his bags.. :)
Mr. Backflip is always a fun winner at the track, but you are right, the race was a little "ho-hum" especially after the #24 went out. There's always next week, though!