Thursday, January 31, 2008

Garage Girls website

Check out the Garage Girls website

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

World Clock

I came across this website and thought it was interesting. Check it out!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Forgot to fly south!

All the sudden I hear a lot of commotion at the end of the hall. My dad and mom and the dogs were all yelping at the end of the hall. I get up to see what the noise was about and I catch my dad running down the stairs with Sebago and Zipp.
There was about 25 Geese in the field next to the shop. There is never anything more than a few crows and once in a while a coyote but that's it! So Geese was a big deal, especially to the dogs!
He held both dogs to the end of the path as they dragged him along. At the end they were off!! Sebago and Zipp were going so fast but not nearly fast enough to catch those geese. We got a kick out of them chasing the geese so it was worth it to scare the turd dropping geese out of the field!
We have such fun out there, I am going to hate it when they develop it!
The Geese

The Release

The chase is on!

They just fly to fast!

Coming back empty handed :-(

Monday, January 28, 2008

Show wrap up!

Happy Monday!

We got back from the Northeast Expo show in Reading PA late last night. It was a great show as usual for Kev-Marv Productions. There was a huge attendance.

Sara and I finished our Garage Girls bobber on Sunday. The bike roared to life. The Perewitz booth was full of people throughout the day getting autographs and checking out the cool customs. The most popular bike though was Dave's 1950 Pan!
As we packed up last night we all thought about what a great show it was. Also a highlight was that my Ant BB (Barb for Barb's Harley Davidson of Camden County) came to see Sara and I work and hang out with my mom. It was good to see her. Hopefully she will come to the Boston Show Feb. 8-9.

The drive home was good until we hit Norton, MA. They had a dusting of snow that covered the roads. Kory and I dropped Jeff off and headed home to B'water. The closer we got to home the worse the roads got. The highway was a snow covered road! It was like no one existed! There were no plows, no trucks or cars out. Once we got off the highway we had to drive about 5 miles to our house. Kory had to put the truck in 4-wheel drive because the trailer and truck was just slipping and sliding. We were both thrilled to be home after a long cold ride and a bogus hotel.

There's nothing like home, well except maybe the Ritz Carlton!!
View from the Tappenzee Bridge
Nice jersey!!

This is what the road looked like!
My mom and BB

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Reading Show

Here are a few video's and pics from the show today in Reading PA. The Garage Girls were in full effect! Check out our myspace page,

Friday, January 25, 2008

And the shows start!

Kory, Jeff, Louie, Cheech and I left this morning for a bike show in Reading, PA. We, in typical Perewitz fashion, got off to a late start. The drive was definitely entertaining though, from singing, to laughing, to making bets, to someone being a crybaby.

Jeff didn't know that I was recording him headbanging in the truck. I can just imagine what people thought as the truck and the Perewitz moving billboard goes by them.

We arrived to the show of course late and Kory had to do some serious driving to get the trailer in its place. Sara and I took apart the bobber we built at the last show so we can build it again tomorrow and Sunday.

We just got to the hotel a little while ago and the only good thing is that they have free slow internet connection. The hotel wouldn't be all that bad except our room smells so bad! It smelled like someone smoked a pack of butts and the doors have been shut for a week! None of us are smokers so this is really a disgusing smell! Hopefully Kory's Axe spray and the window open will air it out a little. Oh and they aren't pet friendly, opps! How can you say no to Louie and Cheech!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Motorcycle Scam

This happened a year or two ago.
We got to work one morning and my father got a phone call. It was "Jim" (I forget his real name). He said that he had met my dad a while back, a common saying around here, and he knew he was looking for old bikes. My dad of course is looking for old bike at a good deal, what motorcycle enthusiast would be! So the guy said that he was from our town and was a truck driver and came across an estate sale in Alabama.

Jim said that there was 2 old Indians and 1 1950's era Harley. The estate only wanted $5,000 for all three of these mint bikes. Wow what a deal, I'll take it!! My dad said buy the bikes and I will pay you for them when they get here because the guy said that he could bring them home with him. One problem this guy didn't have enough money on him to buy the bikes so my dad had to Western Union $4,000 to him!

Ok that's when things started to get fishy! Now this is going on for about 2 hours with phone calls back and forth and the estate wants to get rid of these bikes and the guy had to keep moving with the load on his truck. So my dad had to act fast to get these "steal of a deal" bikes.

The more we thought about it the more it became interesting. My dad called the guy back and asked where he met him. He stated here at our shop. I forgot what he said but whatever it was it was totally wrong, like that our shop was in an industrial park. Ok clue number one. Next the phone number on the caller ID said Texas? Why does he have a Texas number if he lives in Bridgewater MA?

The final straw was Dave asked the guy what street he lived on in BridgeWATER and he said Ocean Drive! There is no Ocean Drive in Bridgewater! He must have thought because our town has "water" in it it must be near the water. False! Clue number three!

My father was so disappointed realizing that it must be a scam. He called the guy back and asked a bunch more questions and the guy hung up. We called back several times throughout the day but there was no answer. We never heard from him again!

But what a scam because my dad meets a ton of people everyday! how can he remember everyone. Also what motorcycle guy wouldn't want a wicked good deal on a couple of old motorcycles? I am sure my dad wasn't the first one he called. The guy probably convinced a bunch of people to send him money. Money that you can't trace or ever get back. It's not like you can call Western Union and tell them it was a scam and they credit you back like a credit card!

So watch out if someone that knows you, found a really good deal but needs a little bit of extra cash because they don't have enough!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Rossmeyers World?

I read this article in the Boston Herald today. I thought it was interesting so I thought I would share it. What do you think of Bruce Rossmeyer's dealerships?

Good Photos!

Check out Paul Sr. in the 55! I definately did a doubletake walking by this. I thought someone was really in it!

This moth was in the parts room... apparently he is old enough to drive!

And... I am not sure why Kory and Jeff are on this together... Dirti sent the pic... at least Kory isn't riding bitch! sorry Jeff!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cool things!

I am going to write about the Paint book later today but something was brought to my attention that I thought was very cool.
Check out Kryptonite's blog today! I was amazed at what Donna found to be the most popular subject!
So I did the same thing as Donna and investigated our blog. I will save the results for another day! ha keeps you coming back for more!
I will give you some of the path visitors came from that were interesting, Budapest, Rapid City, Key Biscayne FL, Aruba, Parma, OH, just to name a few of the odd places. How cool is that, that I know where and when someone is looking at our blog... kind of scary!
It turns out Jeff is a popular subject on our blog. The posts, 55 Monster and Jeff Knievel got the most hits! See guys people do like your funny antics!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Advanced Custom Paint Book

I have a few pictures from today's paint shoot. It didn't really get underway until later than scheduled so not much got done today. Are you surprised a Perewitz is behind schedule??? Dave and Paul Stoll from PPG are painting Dave's RoadGlide that he recently sold to Doug R.

Tim Remus is writing a book about custom paint, the right equipment, and of course technique. Dave will be the focus throughout the book. The book will be published by Wolfgang Publications. I will give more details tomorrow! So make sure to check back!!!! :-)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Snowy Monday

Good afternoon!

The weather here has been snowy all day. The weathermen made it seem like we were going to get the storm of the century! School was cancelled everywhere last night!! It was coming down hard this morning but then it turned to rain and didn't really add up to much more than 4 inches. Kory, Jeff, and I just got back from snowboarding all weekend and the mountains are in desparate need of snow. There was a lot of bare spots. As of this afternoon Cranmore already got 6.5" inches of badly needed snow.

We have photographer Tim Remus here today writing a book on paint with my father. Tomorrow Paul Stohl will be here from PPG to work with Dave and Tim on the book. I will make sure to get some inside photo's of what's going on.

Oh and of course we love those PATRIOTS!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

De's Adventure

By: De Correia

On Saturday Jan. 5th Susan P. and I closed up shop to go down to the Hartford Expo to give our support to Jody and Sara's Garage Girl Bike Build. It was fun to see them hard at work but enjoying every minute. As Sue and I were walking around to each vendor, I saw a very lonely mechanical bull. I said what, "No line & free!" Oh what the hell my back is fine today..
So up I went, leather glove in one hand and the other raised for balance. The switch turned on and the bull moved enough to get me to say Yeee haw. Mr. Bull was moving a bit faster than I wanted up, down, left and right. I proceeded to show off 5 times around with no dramamine on board I said, "please slow down".
Now I can say I rode a bull and that's no bullshit!
I had brought somewhat of a crowd to the bull, when our buddy, the parts guy Jeff, thought he would give it a whirl. As soon as he was on and gloved up Mr. Bull was starting to gallop up and down, left and right, faster and faster! So fast our buddy Jeff went flying with the greatest of ease!
And that's no bull!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tuckerman's Ravine

By: Kory Souza

Tuckerman's Ravine is a trail on Mount Washington in New Hampshire. Jeff went on a kick for a week that he wanted to hike the trail and snowboard down. At first I didn't want to go but then I quickly became interested the more Jeff talked about it. So we picked the following Sunday to hike it. Chris Hunt and Jeff's friend Simon and Jeff and I decided to go to North Conway Saturday night and get up early and start hiking.

The hike to the base of the ravine is 2.7 miles! There was a some what groomed trail to the summit but we were still at a steep incline climbing. Once we arrived to the lodge at the base of the summit, I was exhausted. The lodge was just an empty building. You could go in it but it wasn't heated it was basically to get out of the wind. Now let me remind you not only is the hike in deep snow and up hill but we also had our backpacks on and our snowboards strapped to our backs.

We came apon some park rangers at the base of Tuckerman's that suggested a trail we take because the avalanche warnign was HIGH that day! We decided to go as far as we could and not to push it. We climbed the trail about half way and then decided to stop. We sat down and enjoyed the beautiful view of the White Mountains.

We had to snowboard down the exact trail we walked up on which was only about 3 feet wide. Once we were at a safe distance down the trail we stopped and caught our breath and goofed off a little. See the video's below!
All in all it was a life experience. It was one of the most scary, intense things I have ever done. I am glad I did it but I think I will prepare, fitness wise, a little more next time!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Garage Girl Build

This past weekend Sara Liberte and I built a Bobbah at the Northeast Motorcycle Expo in Hartford CT. We started the build on Saturday and finish Sunday when the bike roared to life! It was a success! Sara and I worked for most of the day Saturday. We only had the rear wheel, front wheel, gas tank, seat and battery to do for Sunday. In the early afternoon the bike was alive.

We will be doing another build at 3 more Northeast Expo shows in Reading PA, Boston, and Long Island.

The Bikers for a Cure sold 150+ $10 raffle tickets for the bike. Make sure to buy your ticket at the next event. We will hopefully be selling tickets as well.

There was a lot of contributors to the success of this motorcycle and I would like to thank them all for their generous donations! Also thanks guy here at Perewitz and my mom and dad for all your help and support. Oh and Tyara! Thanks for passing out stickers and helping with the build ;-)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Lots of things

Sorry for not writing much in the past week. I have a couple of stories to write about but just haven't had a minute to write and I just got my computer back.

Kory will be writing a story about a trip to Mount Washington he took this past weekend. Also the build that Sara and I are doing in Hartford this weekend is taking center stage. We have been working on the bike all week mocking it up so that it is possible to build it in one day.

Lastly I have been quiet all season but

WAHOOOOOO the New England Patriots have an UNDEFEATED season!! Go Pats! It is definitely a good time to be a Bostonian!

I will report more later and hopefully get a good story for you!