Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Advanced Custom Paint Book

I have a few pictures from today's paint shoot. It didn't really get underway until later than scheduled so not much got done today. Are you surprised a Perewitz is behind schedule??? Dave and Paul Stoll from PPG are painting Dave's RoadGlide that he recently sold to Doug R.

Tim Remus is writing a book about custom paint, the right equipment, and of course technique. Dave will be the focus throughout the book. The book will be published by Wolfgang Publications. I will give more details tomorrow! So make sure to check back!!!! :-)


Doug R said...

Very cool!

Can't wait to get it.

Wait...there's no room in the garage...

Bobbah, Perwtz, Baggah....BMW?

How can that be?



Anonymous said...

Hey Bro!

You don't need fewer bikes, you just need a bigger garage!

Pete R