Monday, January 14, 2008

Snowy Monday

Good afternoon!

The weather here has been snowy all day. The weathermen made it seem like we were going to get the storm of the century! School was cancelled everywhere last night!! It was coming down hard this morning but then it turned to rain and didn't really add up to much more than 4 inches. Kory, Jeff, and I just got back from snowboarding all weekend and the mountains are in desparate need of snow. There was a lot of bare spots. As of this afternoon Cranmore already got 6.5" inches of badly needed snow.

We have photographer Tim Remus here today writing a book on paint with my father. Tomorrow Paul Stohl will be here from PPG to work with Dave and Tim on the book. I will make sure to get some inside photo's of what's going on.

Oh and of course we love those PATRIOTS!!

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perkisabeast said...

If you need a tank for this book research, we have a lovely Excelsior Henderson tank you could use as long as you promise to keep it madflake