Monday, January 21, 2008

Rossmeyers World?

I read this article in the Boston Herald today. I thought it was interesting so I thought I would share it. What do you think of Bruce Rossmeyer's dealerships?


Doug R said...

If it works, great!

No one should underestimate what it takes to open a business and make it profitable.

I am no expert, but the definition of "Harley rider" seems to be continually evolving.

I think that the challenge is to convert younger riders into "pushrod, v-twin" riders.

I also think that there is a shakeout of the "easy credit, buy a Harley" market into the "do I really have the cashola to swing a new bike" market.

I am told that Harley stock has taken a beating..but I don't follow it.

Admiration is in order for anyone who takes a chance to open an operation and thrives.

Just my .02...

I'm no expert.

Regards, from Naples...

Anonymous said...

I enjoy buying Harley t-shirts where ever I go across the country.

J. Perewitz said...

The harley market is a little shakey now because the motorcycle industry is flooded. But I think Rossmeyer has a monopoly in Harleys. He will succeed because he has so much money that he can invest and not have to worry about a quick return.
The harley stock is at a low and is predicted to fall more.

perkisabeast said...

Two Words: Max Schaaf

Two More Words: DICE magazine

Rossenmeyer is wrong and he should have a better handle on his numbers if he is doing something other than spinning. You have to get the skate kids and the Britten fans to take up the mantle and they aren't because Harley is aimed squarely at their grandparents' demographic. Until Harley finds a way to increase young ridership, it is going to continue to have a more difficult future than they should.