Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Forgot to fly south!

All the sudden I hear a lot of commotion at the end of the hall. My dad and mom and the dogs were all yelping at the end of the hall. I get up to see what the noise was about and I catch my dad running down the stairs with Sebago and Zipp.
There was about 25 Geese in the field next to the shop. There is never anything more than a few crows and once in a while a coyote but that's it! So Geese was a big deal, especially to the dogs!
He held both dogs to the end of the path as they dragged him along. At the end they were off!! Sebago and Zipp were going so fast but not nearly fast enough to catch those geese. We got a kick out of them chasing the geese so it was worth it to scare the turd dropping geese out of the field!
We have such fun out there, I am going to hate it when they develop it!
The Geese

The Release

The chase is on!

They just fly to fast!

Coming back empty handed :-(


Anonymous said...

look how little zip is next to Sebago... too cute, Come on WFBT go get the geese!!!

Anonymous said...

This score just in...

Bridgewater Pups 1
Lost Geese 0

Film at 11

Pete R

Donna T. said...

Sebago gets around for an "old" pup, doesn't she? Good for her! Go Sebago, go!

J. Perewitz said...

WFBT! Worlds Fastest Boston Terrier! and SEBAGOOOOO!!!!
Good ol' Sebago still has it! boy can she run!