Friday, January 11, 2008

De's Adventure

By: De Correia

On Saturday Jan. 5th Susan P. and I closed up shop to go down to the Hartford Expo to give our support to Jody and Sara's Garage Girl Bike Build. It was fun to see them hard at work but enjoying every minute. As Sue and I were walking around to each vendor, I saw a very lonely mechanical bull. I said what, "No line & free!" Oh what the hell my back is fine today..
So up I went, leather glove in one hand and the other raised for balance. The switch turned on and the bull moved enough to get me to say Yeee haw. Mr. Bull was moving a bit faster than I wanted up, down, left and right. I proceeded to show off 5 times around with no dramamine on board I said, "please slow down".
Now I can say I rode a bull and that's no bullshit!
I had brought somewhat of a crowd to the bull, when our buddy, the parts guy Jeff, thought he would give it a whirl. As soon as he was on and gloved up Mr. Bull was starting to gallop up and down, left and right, faster and faster! So fast our buddy Jeff went flying with the greatest of ease!
And that's no bull!

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Anonymous said...

Aunt Dee, looks like you've ridden a cowboy, er I mean a bull before! Your a pro!