Friday, November 30, 2007

Things being worked on today

Below is what some people are working on today including the flaming truck. Its at the next stage!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Joe Pro's Helpers

Joe Pro is a great guy! If you have ever met him you will agree. He has been my fathers friend for as long as I can remeber. He is on his 15th Perewitz custom!

He comes to the shop a couple of times a month for a few days to detail bikes. He will spend easily 10 hours cleaning a bike. When he comes he has 3 little helpers, Zipp, Louie and Cheech! The three dogs absolutely love Joe. It is unbelievable, they will stay downstairs with him all day. They are glued to him.

It is something to because Louie is very timid and doesn't really bond with people he doesn't know except Joe and maybe Donna. Joe hasn't been here in at least a month because he was traveling but the dogs didn't forget him! As soon as they heard him they started to get excited!

One time we were watching a home video with Joe in it and Zipp was sound asleep on the couch. As soon as Joe came on he jumped up, looked around and went over to the door. He knew he heard Joe!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

55 Monster!

My dad ended up putting the 55 in the shop. Not like there is any room but he made room in the fab shop. I will write about that tomorrow.

Well today Dirti called me out back and when I got there he said isn't this a nice hood ornament. I knew something was up! Sure enough Jeff jumped out of the hood but after he grabbed my leg. Oh this could be good we thought. Leave it to Dirti and Jeff to think of some prank like this.

Jay went out in the showroom while I climbed on the mezzane above the assembly room to take pictures.

The next victum, the UPS man, Andrew!! Sure enough he comes out back and Jay says "oh can you help me measure Dave's car". Andre went right up to the hood and Jeff grabbed his leg! Scare number 1!

Then we decided to get Jaren, she comes trotting out back and goes up to the hood. Jeff grabbed her leg and she let out a screem and jump!

Next Zizi and my mom, Jay tells them he needs help measuring the car again. Sure enough they come out and go to the front of the car and hold the tape measure. Another scream and jump is let out. Scare number 4!

We are going to get Kory and my dad as soon as they get back from picking up a bike!!!

Name Contest

Got any ideas for a name for the 55?

Monday, November 26, 2007

One Sold & One For Sale!

Sunday morning my dad was ecstatic. He finally bought a 55 wagon! The one in Missouri that I previously wrote about got sold so the search has been on. Saturday my dad went to upstate New York to look at a 55 we saw on the Internet and ended up buying it. It is definitely a cool car but needs a lot of work, or should I say needs a lot to make it a Perewitz car!
Now where to put the 55 wagon? My parents have a gym in one of the garages at their house, so until we sell the 66, the 55 has to go in the "gym garage" because the 66 is in the "car" garage so theres no room for the 55. eiiii lots of numbers and not enough garages!
I will keep you updated as work gets done to it. Also don't forget the 66 Chevy wagon is for sale still, tell all your friends so we can move it out of the garage!!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007


Hope your thanksgiving was delicious!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

NH Flathead

My dad's friend Mike was over today. He is from New Hampshire. Mike collects old bikes. He recently bought 3 Indians we had here in storage. Anyway he brought a couple of bikes down with him today. One of which was a 1946 Harley Davidson Flathead.

The bike was just about all original except the fenders! It was a cool bike. My dad came up to my office and said "Jod, you have to come ride this bike!"

Outback the bike was already running. It was a jockey shift with a foot clutch AND the front brake was on the opposite side of the handlebars. Definitely rearranges everything you know about riding a bike. but nothing a Perewitz couldn't handle, right!

So I got on the bike and got a short lesson about it and off I went around the parking lot. It wasn't that hard to ride at all! When I got off Kory jumped on and took it for a spin. Both of us agreed that it was easier than Franks's Bobber that we built.

It sure is a cool bike and fun to ride.... Could one like this be in store for Perewitz? Maybe a goal could be the cover of The Horse magazine? That's one I don't think we have ever been on...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Taste of Winter!

The sky was very grey this morning when I got up. For people from non snowy states, that always is a sure sign of snow. Sure enough by the time I got to work at 10 the snow was coming down. The ground fortuatley isn't cold enough for it to stick but the air was cold enough to turn the rain into snow.

Unfortunatley this means that winter is apon us. There will be fewer warm days and even fewer riding days! But as the true New Englander complains about the cold, I just look at it and think by do I love summer! It make you appriciate the warm weather more!

This photo was from today.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Winter Shows

My father and I met with Lou-Ann and Kevin from Kev-Marv Productions for lunch Friday. They run the Northeast Motorcycle Expo's.
The NME wants myself and Sara Liberte to join there shows in 2008. We will be building a bike on stage at a couple of the shows. There will be a time limit for the two of us to complete a custom bobber. Sara and I will be answering questions and explaining what we are doing as we build. The motorcycle will be raffled off and all money will be donated to the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.
We will have a lot of work to do before the first show in January so hopefully we can get everything together and make it happen in a month and half! The definite shows will be Hartford January 5-6, and Boston February 9-10. I will let you know as more happens and we set official dates.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Doggie World

I was doing some work in my office and I realized all the dogs were in here with me. They truely are my best friends! I love them!

Zipp was on my lap, Sebago was snoozin under my desk, Cheech was on my backpack on my extra chair, and Louie was in his doggie house.

Louie has his PPG shirt on, it is getting cold out!

In motion

I hate to give this view because the front end is so ugly but I have to give a before and after!

I have been, let's say gather parts, for a new bike I want to build, well not me personally building it but funding it! The bike has been in slow motion for about 8 months now because I was waiting for parts, especially my front end, and just not in a rush.

Well we finally have everything we need to get moving. Dirti has been mocking it up for the past few days and Big Ron just moved it to his side to start the fabrication.
Dirti & Big Ron moving it to the fab shop
I had planned on being a big part in the construction of the bike but I think this bike is beyond me! There is too much work that needs to be done to the frame, front end, wheels, and other stuff. This is definitely not going to be a bolt together bike. I know its in good hands though. Big Ron and Dirti will make it all work and hopefully I can get in there when it finally starts to go together.

I want this bike to be totally different from what normally comes out of Perewitz. Hopefully I can brake the mold!!

I will post pictures as it moves along. Let me know what you think?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Interesting site

This isn't directly motorcycle related but I found a really neat site while trying to list my dad's car for sale. or you can just go to and find your city.
The site is simialr to a craig's List, another words all classified ads. As I am searching through the motorcycle section, wouldn't you know there was a Perewitz bike in there for sale!! Can you find it?
Don't forget to look at the
66 Belair Wagon

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"Cah Kick"

My dad bought a 66 Chevy wagon a couple of years ago with some big hopes of some how making it cool. He took it all apart did most of the body work and then we got busy! So the car went to our garage at home and has been sitting for over a year now.

Well after getting back from SEMA, my dad has been on a car kick. My father has become obsessed with getting a car, its all he has been talking about! Isn't this a MOTORCYCLE shop? I know Hot Rods are wicked cool but its just not our thing, plus we definitely don't have enough room to be storing cars!

He has decided to sell the 66 and buy a new wagon. This time he wants a 55 Chevy. After searching through the want ads he found just what he was looking for. There is only one problem, it is in Missouri! He says, "Jod look at what a good deal this is, and just think you could drive it to work with all the dogs!" Ok so I am sold! Like he needs my approval anyway!!

Now, how do you spend money on a 50+ year old car and not see it? He decided he is going to fly to Missouri and look at it until we look up tickets. $1200 to fly there in the next few days. So that goes out the window. He racks his brain to think of anyone he knows in Missouri... "I got it! How about so in so?" It's good to have friends everywhere!

He called the guy he knew and sure enough he lives near where the car is and is willing to go take a look at it.

So the 66 is for sale if you know anyone interested! and hopefully a 55 will be the next Perewitz Hot Rod as soon as my dad gets the go ahead to buy it!!

I will post pictures if he buys the 55.

This is what the 66 looks like, well ok not exactly but the potential it has!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Hunting Season!

With hunting season just around the corner, I thought I would share a hunting experience with you!

My father and I have gone hunting in Great Barrington, which is out in western MA, a bunch of times. I think this was maybe the first or second time I went. My father, my brother and I get up early one morning and head out in the woods. I go with my father and my brother goes with my dad's friend Dennis, who owned the property.

We are way out in the woods and hadn't seen a thing, when my dad decided we are going to post up around a tree. This was a giant tree. My dad says, "you stand here and face this way, and if you see anything shoot, and I will stand on the other side looking the opposite way".

We were standing there for about 20 minutes maybe and of course I was getting bored waiting for that deer to walk in front of my gun when all the sudden I heard a noise. It sounded like a snore!! Sure enough I walk around the tree and my dad was sitting on ground, back to the tree and the gun resting across his chest, SLEEPING!!! I gave him the typical "DAD" and he just got up and said "what, what, I was just resting". My dad is more of an action sports type of guy!

Needless to say we didn't get anything that year other than some Z's! If he fell asleep with a shotgun in his hand imagine him with a fishing pole!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Pot of Gold

On Tuesday it rained and was cold all day. It was just an unpleasant day until about 5 pm. We noticed that it was clearing but there was still dark rain clouds to the left of us. Jaren and I decided to go out in that parking lot and look for a rainbow. Sure enough directly over the store was a complete colorful arch!! It was beautiful. In the time it took me to run upstairs to get my camera and run back outside this was all I got! But honestly it looked like the end of the rainbow was in my dad's office!! Weird, theres no gold in there!! Just him!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ruben Brown & Chicago Bears

As promised in an earlier post, below are some of the pictures from the photo shoot with the Chicago Bears. Dave said it was "wicked awesome" meeting Ruben's team mates and going out on the field. Ruben of course was estatic about his new bike. The bike seemed to fit him! What do you think?

Dave honestly looked like he was about 4 feet tall in the photos with all the players. They are so big!!

You can read the whole story and see more photos in an upcoming issue of Cycle Source Magazine.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Our pup Smitty

Sebago, Dave, & Smitty. (who was on the 1st BBO)

I am sad to post that a member of our family has passed away. Smitty my 12 year old Shepard died last Sunday. He was sick with cancer and died outside under a tree. I knew he was sick but couldn't do anything for him other than sit with him outside and pat his head. I don't think he was in any pain. I was extremely sad about it and am still sad now that I am writing this because he was a big part of this family.

Smitty left behind his sister, Sebago. The other dogs play with her more, I think they know she lost her friend. If you have tears, sorry, so do I! I didn't want this to be sad so I am going to tell a funny Smitty story!

Smity loved to swim!

When we first bought this building it was, um to be nice, not very nice! There were wild cats everywhere and a wild rooster. The guys next door in the body shop fed this rooster. It even had a name, Darryl. He had a mirror on the fence so he could look at himself and think he had a friend.

One day Smitty came over and we were walking out back and Smitty met Darryl, or should I say Darryl met Smitty!! Instantly Smitty went flying after him and of course I go flying after Smitty. It must have look so funny to see Smitty chasing the rooster and me chasing Smitty. I finally got him but not before he took a bite of Darryl. The rooster ran away so I figured he was alright even though Smitty had a mouth full of feathers!

Swimming down the cape.

The next day I came over and saw the rooster by the mirror and though oh he looks fine. When ever he turned around I almost fell over. His entire butt was bald!! It looked like raw chicken from the grocery store!

From then on we said, "What's for supper tonight, Smitty's Delight".
Smitty was a good dog and we all loved him, now he will get to chase all the chickens he wants!