Monday, November 5, 2007

"Made my trip"

Sorry for not being able to post more last week. I will make up for it!!

While I was at SEMA I was walking with my dad and a guy came up to him and wanted a picture and autograph and the whole deal. He said that it made his trip to meet Dave Perewitz! It was like he was the President! Anyway I thought ya ya ya! How could my dad make someones trip?

Well later in the day we met the creator of that baby stroller that was in a picture in the earlier post. The carriage was wicked cool! My dad wanted to meet the creator and talk about maybe painting one! Imagine that Perewitz painting baby carriages! We do have some odd things painted... We don't even have any babies, we will have to rent one!!!!

After meeting the guy who made these $2,000+ carriages he told me that "meeting Dave just made my whole trip'! Another one!! Are people crazy! He is just an average guy, well at least that's how I think of it.

Those thoughts came back to bite me. I was walking on the strip in Vegas by myself and walked by a tattoo shop. It looked cool so I went in. I saw two guys talking to one another outside the shop. I thought one looked really familiar but couldn't place it... then I realized it was VINCE NEIL from Motley Crue!!! It was his tattoo shop. I was overly excited, how cool to see a legend rocker just standing there. No one was even around him or anything! So of course excited me waited till he was done talking and asked for a picture! He was wicked nice and friendly. Then it slipped out "Thanks for the picture, you just made my trip"! I said it! So I guess everyone has different taste and likes and mine just happen to be an 80's rock band!

Below are some more pictures from SEMA.

$1 Million new Mercedes

another Bad car, RR Phantom with 26"!

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