Tuesday, November 27, 2007

55 Monster!

My dad ended up putting the 55 in the shop. Not like there is any room but he made room in the fab shop. I will write about that tomorrow.

Well today Dirti called me out back and when I got there he said isn't this a nice hood ornament. I knew something was up! Sure enough Jeff jumped out of the hood but after he grabbed my leg. Oh this could be good we thought. Leave it to Dirti and Jeff to think of some prank like this.

Jay went out in the showroom while I climbed on the mezzane above the assembly room to take pictures.

The next victum, the UPS man, Andrew!! Sure enough he comes out back and Jay says "oh can you help me measure Dave's car". Andre went right up to the hood and Jeff grabbed his leg! Scare number 1!

Then we decided to get Jaren, she comes trotting out back and goes up to the hood. Jeff grabbed her leg and she let out a screem and jump!

Next Zizi and my mom, Jay tells them he needs help measuring the car again. Sure enough they come out and go to the front of the car and hold the tape measure. Another scream and jump is let out. Scare number 4!

We are going to get Kory and my dad as soon as they get back from picking up a bike!!!


Donna T. said...

HA HA! That's great! Can't wait to hear how Dave and Kory get spooked. Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Hey is that Sue's finger in another picture!