Thursday, November 29, 2007

Joe Pro's Helpers

Joe Pro is a great guy! If you have ever met him you will agree. He has been my fathers friend for as long as I can remeber. He is on his 15th Perewitz custom!

He comes to the shop a couple of times a month for a few days to detail bikes. He will spend easily 10 hours cleaning a bike. When he comes he has 3 little helpers, Zipp, Louie and Cheech! The three dogs absolutely love Joe. It is unbelievable, they will stay downstairs with him all day. They are glued to him.

It is something to because Louie is very timid and doesn't really bond with people he doesn't know except Joe and maybe Donna. Joe hasn't been here in at least a month because he was traveling but the dogs didn't forget him! As soon as they heard him they started to get excited!

One time we were watching a home video with Joe in it and Zipp was sound asleep on the couch. As soon as Joe came on he jumped up, looked around and went over to the door. He knew he heard Joe!

1 comment:

Donna T. said... I see...Joe gives many treats...
I'm honored to be counted as one of little Louie's favorites. Can't wait to see him again soon.