Thursday, November 27, 2008

Have some turkey!

This is one of my favorites!! Love Adam Sandler

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

News From Harley

News from Kelly at HD.
I wanted to let you in on the excitement at Harley-Davidson regarding the release of the XR1200 in the U.S.! Inspired by the legendary XR750, the XR1200 is the newest member of the Sportster family, and comes to the U.S. following its Europe-only release back in April.

As you may know, the XR750 was the most dominating American dirt track racing motorcycle of all-time, earning the Number One plate in an unprecedented 26 AMA flat track seasons. In fact, as a tribute to the XR750, there is a pre-sale of only 750 XR1200 models from 12/1 – 12/15.
Check out the photo's below. All this news will be released the begining of December along with a video!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Dayton OH Cycle Fest

We just booked a show in December 2009. Check out their website. It looks like it is going to be a good event!

Friday, November 21, 2008

PPC - Dake

We have formed a great relationship with the guys from Dake over the past few years. Not only is their customer service top notch but they also make a excellent product! Dake offers a complete line of hydraulic presses, arbor presses, bench presses, cold saws and bandsaws. Dake's product are vitually maintance free.

It is kind of tough for me to write a review when I personally don't use their machines but... I did get a few words from our Master Fabricator Big Ron!!

"I wouldn't be able to make custom exhaust pipes without Dake machinery". He explains how he uses one of our Dake products everyday from cutting exhaust pipes, to pieces to stretch a gas tank.

It just so happen that Big Ron had his dake hat on too! We even support their apparel!

Kory and the guys uses the Dake Press in the service area quite often. They use it for pressing bearing in and out of wheels, primary's, swingarms. Kory said " the Dake press is crispy!" It also transformers into an oil filter crusher!

I am going to rate this product a 5! You can log on to Dake's website at to find a dealer near you. Tell them Perewitz sent you!

You always want to be safe while using Dake machinery.

Dake used one of our bikes in their booth at the SEMA show.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


How funny are these pics! We love Dirti!


There has been a lot of talk about Son's of Anarchy everywhere. I watch it every week as does most of the guys here at the shop. Honestly I don't watch a lot of TV. There are 2 shows that I watch and most of the time I am watching them ondemand because I miss them when they air. Those shows being SOA and Entourage.
If you haven't seen SOA check it out tonight. I'm sure you won't regret it!! Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mud Puppy

By: John Stong

This is a picture of a Michigan "Snot Otter" a large newt type critter that lives in the Great Lakes area...If you happen to find one, it means the ecosystem they are in is pretty healthy...they are hard to find unless you are in the habit of crawling around in the rivers flipping over rocks and logs...every once in a while somebody will catch one when fishing with a worm for bait, They are entirely aquatic, so you will never find one under a log on land....This one was caught in the Muskegon River on Sat Nov 15th...It is a very healthy river with a good population of Steelhead, Walleye, Salmon, Smallmouth bass, Catfish, Sturgeon, Turtles, Snakes, etc.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

PPC - Carhartt

Living in New England we have no choice but to dress warm in the winter months. The best gear to have is Carhartt! My dad has been a big fan of them for as long as I can remember. From November to April my dad would wear his tan Carhartt jacket.

Now we are all wearing their gear. Kory and Jay in service both have Carhartt hooded sweatshirts/jackets. I know Kory's is stained, has a few small tears, but he still wears it everyday! It doesn't matter what they aventually look like they never stop keep you warm!

I recently got a bunch of great women's stuff. I honestly wear something Carhartt everyday, today I have on a pair of jeans and a belt! I love the sweatshirts too! I got most of this stuff in July, not exactly Carhartt weather, so I was excited to start really wearing all the gear. I got some thermal shirts that are not only comforable but fashionable! I can't wait to go snowboarding so I can really test them out!
I would rate this product a 5 on the Perewitz scale!
We have/use it, you must have/use it, nothing better

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Boggy Creek Camp Charity

By: Susan Perewitz
Dave was asked by Bruce Rossmeyer of Daytona Harley Davidson to be a Grand Marshall for the 2008 Ride for Children. Dave and I flew to Daytona, stayed at Destination Daytona, attended the Champagne Ball on Friday night, and participated in the charity ride on Sunday.

Dave had a bike courtesy of Daytona HD. The bike was a new bagger with a two-up seat. Know what that means? I got to ride…woohoo!!! The weather was perfect…just the way I like it…HOT. This ride is a charity ride to benefit the Boggy Creek Camp for Children.

The camp is amazing and benefits children with all sorts of illnesses. Boggy Creek is associated with the Paul Newman Hole In The Wall Camps. Dave donated an air cleaner clock for the live auction. The high bid was $1,200.00 until a generous woman jumped up, bid $2,000.00 and wanted the shirt off Dave’s back.

Hey what the heck. It was for charity, for the kids. So Dave went shirtless for a few minutes. Then this same woman paid her two grand and went up to the $1200 bidder and gave the clock to him and he paid his bid. So the clock brought in $3,200.00 for the charity.

But wait. Bruce matches all the bids so Dave’s a/c clock brought in $6,400.00 for the Boggy Creek and those special campers. It was the highest item of the live auction. Dave and I were thrilled to be included in this worthy cause.

Dave was also honored to be a Grand Marshall plus he got to hang with good friends Eddie Trotta, Billy Lane, and Carrie Repp. Bruce Rossmeyer, Beverly Marshall, and their crew of dedicated volunteers go over the top when it comes to this charity. This year’s weekend of events netted the Camp $500,000.00. Looking forward to doing it again in 2009. For more info on Boggy Creek Camp go to God Bless the Children.
Susie P.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Perewitz Product Corner - PPC

Below is the rating system, designed by Thug, that we are going to use with our product review.

I will also list stores, website, etc. that you can get the product at. Also a price range if it applies.

5 point rating:

5 We have/use it, you must have/use it, nothing better
4 Excellent…competitors only manage a tie
3 So-So…OK, but you might find something better
2 POS-ish…and we’re not talking “Point Of Sale”
1 Pere-kaka-poopoo Do we have to explain it???

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Night at the Palms

By Kory Souza

Dave and I have been out in Las Vegas at the SEMA show for the past week. The show was good, tons of wicked cool cars, hot rods, and misc. stuff.

On Wednesday night Dave and I met up with his friend Phil Harris to go to the Kicker party at the Palms. The party was in the parking lot. They dirt bikes doing tricks and getting real willy.

We were standing there talking with the headcheese of Kicker when he said "hey no one knows about this but look up, Travis Pastrana and some of his friends are going to jump out the windows"!

All the sudden you see some guys going out on the balcony at least 30 stories up and base jumped into the parking lot. It was such an awesome party already but that just topped it off.

After being outside for a while we went inside the casino. Phil asked us if we wanted to go "upstairs" I was thinking ahh ya ok. We get in the elevator with the bellman and we hit the Playboy suite button!

Oh wait till I till Jody I am going to the Playboy Bunny Suite! All the girls are going to be flowing to my jock like it's gold!

The suite was crispy. There were girls in outfits everywhere. The view was just unbelievable. We could see all of Vegas!

I didn't have a camera, my sidekick was the closest I could get. I know the pictures are horrible but it's better than nothing...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Product Review

Hey Everyone,
Starting next week I am going to do a product review. There are so many good products that we use constantly that I think everyone should know about. And then there are some not so good products. As the season's change so do the products we use, the daily activities, and of course the climate! So all these things factor into our daily activities and product usage.
I need a name for this column... any suggestions?
I will try to have a review up by Wednesday each week. Next we I will do a review of a favorite brand of the Perewitz's and many New Englanders, Carhartt!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Perewitz critter?

Last night I went to parents garage at their house to get something before I went to my house. I was a little, i guess annoyed... When what to wondering eye should appear... a yellow spotted salamander!!

This may sound silly but there is some history with those guys! When we were little we used to always catch them. At first I was a little nervous to pick one up because they are MUCH bigger than the regular salamanders that we would catch but after my dad insisting that they wouldn't bite I soon couldn't "pat" and "hold" them enough!

Anyway it made my day to see one of these four toed critters because they don't seem to be around anymore. I know when we were little we would go searching for them and usually find one maybe two but I can't remember the last time I saw one... although Im not really searching for them...
I made Jeff take my picture after he called me a geek several times, so I could share the Perewitz critter with you.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

PPG Booth at SEMA


I just came across this website from a Google alert. This is about as close as I am going to get to SEMA :-( Wish I could have went.... some very cool vehicles! can you spot the PPG booth in one of the pictures? I will give you a clue, we painted a SURFBOARD for it!

Monday, November 3, 2008

A solider goes to war

A post from Manhattan, KS.
October 5, 2008

There’s not much motorcycle content in this post, other than to say that many miles on two wheels gives one the time to ponder, to wonder, and to prepare.

Today, Ms. Thug and I bid farewell and Godspeed to our younger son, Mickey as he deployed to a FOB (forward operating base) in Al-Mahmudiyah (kinda’ rhymes with “Mama Mia”), Iraq, about 30 km south of Baghdad. Mick’s older brother Eric, is already deployed in eastern Afghanistan on the Pakistan border. His cousin (Streets’ son) will be deployed to Afghanistan later this fall.

There wasn’t a room for rent for miles of Ft. Riley, as hundreds of families did what we did. A Kansas State home game didn’t help, either.

And in everyone’s mind was the question of “is this the last time we’ll ever see him or her?”. What happens if they are hurt? Who will notify me..and how? What if I’m not home to answer the door or take the call?

Every family is in for months of prayer and anxiety. Their hearts will jump every time a car door slams or the phone rings.

The news reports are the worst. While it’s understandable, in this day of imbedded reporters and cell phones, to have a communications block whenever a soldier is killed, but to read “Four Soldiers Killed in Iraq” without any further information really sucks.

Mick’s a 1LT, an Army Ranger, and is Company XO (executive officer) to 135 men. There are no women, as this is an infantry unit. I saw no fear in eyes of any of the men, just resolve. They know that there’s a good chance that they all won’t come back, but they really appeared focused on the mission they’re sent to accomplish. Each company has five lieutenants, four platoon leaders and an XO. One of the platoon leaders in Mick’s Company is the grandson of the owner of the Chicago Bears. Volunteers, all.

And how young they are. Not the John Wayne-types of WWII movies…just kids. Young moms and children saying good-bye, some for the first time, some for the last. Some tears now, some held in reserve for the next 12 months. They are going to fight an enemy who values death as much as we value life. As U2 wrote: “There’s no political solution..”, so all we can do is wait, pray, and hope until all our soldiers are home.