Saturday, November 15, 2008

PPC - Carhartt

Living in New England we have no choice but to dress warm in the winter months. The best gear to have is Carhartt! My dad has been a big fan of them for as long as I can remember. From November to April my dad would wear his tan Carhartt jacket.

Now we are all wearing their gear. Kory and Jay in service both have Carhartt hooded sweatshirts/jackets. I know Kory's is stained, has a few small tears, but he still wears it everyday! It doesn't matter what they aventually look like they never stop keep you warm!

I recently got a bunch of great women's stuff. I honestly wear something Carhartt everyday, today I have on a pair of jeans and a belt! I love the sweatshirts too! I got most of this stuff in July, not exactly Carhartt weather, so I was excited to start really wearing all the gear. I got some thermal shirts that are not only comforable but fashionable! I can't wait to go snowboarding so I can really test them out!
I would rate this product a 5 on the Perewitz scale!
We have/use it, you must have/use it, nothing better


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Me, being a Minnesota boy, couldn't agree more. I love me some Carhartt.

Couldn't imagine not owning some. I have a hat, jacket, and bib overalls.

Great review!

Anonymous said...

They make such a great new england product!