Friday, November 21, 2008

PPC - Dake

We have formed a great relationship with the guys from Dake over the past few years. Not only is their customer service top notch but they also make a excellent product! Dake offers a complete line of hydraulic presses, arbor presses, bench presses, cold saws and bandsaws. Dake's product are vitually maintance free.

It is kind of tough for me to write a review when I personally don't use their machines but... I did get a few words from our Master Fabricator Big Ron!!

"I wouldn't be able to make custom exhaust pipes without Dake machinery". He explains how he uses one of our Dake products everyday from cutting exhaust pipes, to pieces to stretch a gas tank.

It just so happen that Big Ron had his dake hat on too! We even support their apparel!

Kory and the guys uses the Dake Press in the service area quite often. They use it for pressing bearing in and out of wheels, primary's, swingarms. Kory said " the Dake press is crispy!" It also transformers into an oil filter crusher!

I am going to rate this product a 5! You can log on to Dake's website at to find a dealer near you. Tell them Perewitz sent you!

You always want to be safe while using Dake machinery.

Dake used one of our bikes in their booth at the SEMA show.

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