Saturday, November 8, 2008

Product Review

Hey Everyone,
Starting next week I am going to do a product review. There are so many good products that we use constantly that I think everyone should know about. And then there are some not so good products. As the season's change so do the products we use, the daily activities, and of course the climate! So all these things factor into our daily activities and product usage.
I need a name for this column... any suggestions?
I will try to have a review up by Wednesday each week. Next we I will do a review of a favorite brand of the Perewitz's and many New Englanders, Carhartt!


Doug R said...

Let’s see…so many syllables…

P’witz review?


Perewitz Product Corner?

I suggest you use a 5 point rating:

5 We have/use it, you must have/use it, nothing better
4 Excellent…competitors only manage a tie
3 So-So…OK, but you might find something better
2 POS-ish…and we’re not talking “Point Of Sale”
1 Pere-kaka-poopoo Do we have to explain it???



Donna T. said...

"Pere-kaka-poopoo" - I am laughing out loud at my desk!

I don't care what you call the column, but Thug's rating system you have to use!

Tom-IV said...

I like Pere-picks