Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Liberte & The P'witz's Black Jack Attack

By: Sara Liberte

So during the Builders Breakfast in Sturgis this year, Dave calls me over and asks what I had planned for the night, “I don’t know, more work as usual” I said. Dave said “well you should come with us to Danny Gray’s for a party tonight.” Party, did Dave say Party? Do I like to Party, ahhhh duhh, “of course I’m going” I said.
Now while I’m at Rally’s working with my camera gear I’m usually in a rental car to rack up miles and keep my gear safe, so Jody asks if we can take the rental since we had a bunch of people to get there. No Problem, my little 4 cylinder Dodge will get all 7 of us there. Ya, 7 people packed in the Dodge Caliber, it no doubt looked like a god dam clown car when we all piled out, but the best part was my foot slammed on the gas pedal with the RPM’s redlined at 9,000 and we were only doing 55mph!

We finally get to the party, (I think the rental needs an oil change.) Sue, Jody, Kory, Jeff and I found some seats at a table with snacks, we soon realized this was a card table, found the poker chips, a deck of cards and the black jack attack began. Pauly decided to be dealer, (Don’t quit your day job Barrasso) and we all anti-up’d and got the party rolling. People were actually waiting in line to get in on the game we had going. We played all night long Me, Jody and Sue kicked ass, no one could touch us, Tom Pirone from TP engineering then took over as dealer and things got good.

Sue was wining every hand! Paul Tetuel Jr. even had to get in on the action, (hey Jr. Don’t quit your day job, you suck at black jack, and you make to much money to leave anyway.) Joe Pro finally came over to try to get in the game but could only manage to yell “wooohoooo” every 5 minutes or so. Kory found a mascot to hang around his neck and by the end of the night had enough signatures to some day get a few bucks for it on EBAY.

A challenge was made at the end of the night, who’s 4 cylinder rental packed with people would get back to Spearfish first, Liberte’s or Paul Jr’s. So we piled back up into the rental and had a cannonball run back to Spearfish, um of course we won! Another fun time with my pals the P’witz’s.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


My parents are in Vegas now at the SEMA Show. We put two bikes in PPG's booth. The 1950 Panhead that we just finished and a 1980's era custom that was once a sportster! Come by the booth to get an autograph from Dave, Darrell Mayabb, or Arlen Ness.

I will be in Vegas tomorrow so I will report LIVE on the action. Maybe I can get some photos with celebrities!!!
The 1950 Panhead
SEMA Last year.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Time to Dance!

Ok, Ok, I know this is supposed to be about our life but I can't not post something about our home team winning the WORLD SERIES!!!!!!

If you aren't a Bostonian than you just can't understand the meaning of the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series!

My grandmother for example has been the most faithful Red Sox fan her whole life! She was born in 1919, the year after they won the World Series. She was estatic when they won in 2004 and she is even more estatic that they won twice in her life time! She waited 86 years for her team to win!
Go Sox! We Believe!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Chicago Bears

Ruben and Dave

Dave is currently on his way home from a photo shoot with the Chicago Bears. We recently finished a 1965 Panhead for Ruben Brown of the Bears. This was a last minute trip. He has been wanting to do this but couldn't cordinate the times with the Bears. Well It finally happened!

The photo shoot will be in an up coming issue of Cycle Source Magazine. Chris Callen was on hand with some photographers to get the whole scoop on the 6th bike we have built for Ruben. I will post info and pics as soon as I get them!

Friday, October 26, 2007

2 of 2 Bobbahs

Yesterday I saw Kory loading a bobber we just finished into a trailer to be delivered. This particular bobber is unlike any that we have done in the past 10 years at least! It has a suicide shift, which means that you shift with your hand, and a foot clutch. Two components that very few people associate with a Perewitz bike. This means that you have to get it in neutral before you stop so you can put two feet down.

Well I have been wanting to ride this bike since it was done but just hadn't worked up enough nerve to do it because I have never ridden a bike like this. Also so far Kory and my dad are the only ones that have been able to ride this bike. I though OK now my last chance. So I went outside and asked Kory if I could try to ride it (don't worry Frank!) before it left. He went over how to do it and the basics of it and said "just don't panic, think about what you are doing". The bike has a hydraulic clutch therefore it is jumpy. I practiced letting the clutch out and before I knew it I was riding it!!!

Kory going for a ride. Unfortunately I didn't take
any pictures yesterday!!!

Normally when there is something I have never done I usually look for my dad's confidence, "oh Jod you can do it, go ahead" but my dad is in Chicago. I figured Kory was somewhat responsible for the bike so if he didn't think I could do it then he probably wouldn't let me.

But I did it and wish I had earlier so I could ride it a couple of times! Frank you will have to let me borrow it!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


This is kind of tough writing about me… I am, as you can assume, Dave’s daughter, Jody. I have been involved in the business for my whole life, well as soon as I was old enough to work. I have had other jobs as well. Probably one of my most favorite jobs was Dunkin Donuts. I had more fun at that job and make good $$ too! I really worked those customers for tips!
Kory, myself, and Aunt BB in Sturgis

Anyway I of course ride motorcycles. I have a couple of bikes myself. My first bike was a Buell M2. I still have one now, but I upgraded and got a Buell XB12 Firebolt. I love that bike! It is fun to ride, looks cool, and is American made.
My 63 Panhead
Recently we painted it, lowered it, changed the exhaust, and made a few other adjustments. I can’t be a Perewitz without a custom bike! It came out really cool. You’ll have to come by and take a look.
Wakeboarding at the cape

I have fun riding 50’s with Kory and the guys too. Although I am not as fast as them, it’s still a good time. When I’m not on bikes I love to go to the water. If it’s the fresh water, we are out in our boat on our lake down the Cape (Cape Cod to those non New Englanders). We usually go wakeboard and occasionally tube. I was just starting to get some height on my wakeboard and the cold weather came! Nuts. Have wait till next summer.

When I go to the ocean I like to surf! I haven’t been as many times as I would like to but I still got to go a few times. It is so much fun to ride the waves. My neighbor Tom, his son Luke, and I go and catch the waves in Eastham.

Another fun thing to do at the ocean is claming! You can get different clams for about 8 months! There are quahogs in the summer, then littlenecks, and then oysters. My mom, my friend Sandy and I went oystering this past weekend. Don’t ask me what we got because it wasn’t much but it was fun. The dogs come with us and run on the beach while we clam. I think they got the biggest catch of the day! A shark!!!!!

World Series


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Dog Whisperer, De

De and Joe Pro, who doesn't get there picture with Joe?

DeDe has been helping here part time since we opened our new building about 3 years ago. I have known DeDe about my whole life! She is a great person.

De and Dirti

De has her own motorcycle that she probably rides more often than I ride mine! She even got some custom Perewitz pinstriping on it! De is here at every event we have rain or shine. She is a huge help greeting people, helping cook, clean, sell, and anything else that needs to be done.

At our first open house we rented a cotton candy machine. Well if you have never used one of those machines you really can’t appreciate those carnival people that spin it so perfect. The slightest wind blows the sugary mix everywhere! De had it all over her arms and hair. She was a sticky mess but what a good sport and laugh!

During the day De works as a nurse. A doggie nurse! And I guess cats and other animals too! She is Dr. Brown’s assistant. She has been healing animals for over 20 years! Boy let me tell you how handy it is having her with 5 dogs! Yup we have 5, Smitty, Sebago, Zipp, Louie and Cheech.

Our Christmas Elf!

For example when Louie cut his foot (check out his previous post), I knew it wasn’t serious enough to take him to the hospital but I knew I had to do something. De was there to save the day with a remedy at hand. That is just one of the MANY times De has saved the day!

De would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. She is a caring fun individual! But as she has warned me this morning, “only one dog crisis a day!”

De, Myself, and honestly I have no idea who that is!
Sorry if you are looking at this...

Thanks DeDe, you are definitely Louie and Cheech's hero!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Kory Shizzle

Kory is our service manager. He works on anything American that need fixin’, even some Honda 50’s aka Pit Bikes. Kory is a dedicated employee. He will make sure things get done and customers are happy. Kory and Jay “Dirti” are brother, so like I have said, this is a family business!
Kory at a Red Sox game, I think "pledging the allegiance"?

Kory is obsessed with 50’s. In case you didn’t read Jeff’s post, they are little mini bikes. He has a shop at home that is strictly 50’s! He has a variety of them. He has the “Z” which is strictly for street racing, his “big” 50 for dirt, the “Monster” bike which has Monster energy drink graphics, a “QA” 50, which is a 70’s era bike, and a bunch of frames, motors, and misc. other things. He keeps them everywhere so wherever he is he can ride one.

Kory at a race with the "Z"

A couple Saturday’s ago Kory, Jeff, and I were working and a kid from the neighborhood came riding in on a Z50 like Kory’s. I paged Kory that there was a “Z” in the parking lot. He immediately knew what I was talking about and came to the front. Jeff said he wanted to race, little did the kid know he was no match for Jeff’s bike. Kory on the other hand offered to buy the bike. He offered the kid some cash and before I knew it the kid was walking home! So another one for the collection!

Kory's dirt 50!

Along with Kory’s mini bikes, he has a custom “chopper” like bike. It is definitely an eye catcher! Kory built the bike about 2 years ago. It was the first motorcycle he ever owned! What an accomplishment to say your first bike was a full out custom!! That's Shizzle!
Also check out Kory on Kryptonite's website. Click on the snowboard tab at the right!

Kory's bike

Kory, Chris and Phil Hunt in NH

Kory's a big fisherman!

Monday, October 22, 2007

We interrupt this Blog!

I have to interrupt this previously scheduled blog to congratulate the Boston Red Sox!! We won the AL Championship! World Series here we come! Believe it!!!!!


Oh and with all this Red Sox the Patriots are getting over looked! They won yesterday, beating the Dolphins 49-28! 7 & 0!!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ronna Lee, also known as ZiZi

Zizi is aunt in Italian. So therefore you guessed it, she is my aunt! Zizi is my mothers sister. She had been helping here for quite a few years now. She helps my mom with the bookkeeping. She will also be a guest writer on our Plog!

My aunt is so far from the motorcycle scene but I know she loves it here! She volunteers at many other places. She is president of the Tobey Hospital Guild, Secretary of the Wareham Garden Club, just to name a few.

Tattoos we got with our relationship to Susan!
You get the idea, neither she nor her husband John are bikers but they fully support any event we do! She is at all of our bike nights in the summer, out back cooking with myself, and her brother Dante (AKA Uncle Danny). She will help us all year with our events and activities without hesitation.

Zizi has two daughters, Tara and Leah. They both have young kids that also come to our events. Motorcycles bring the family together sometimes but the family isn’t together for motorcycles, we are together for the camaraderie of family.

You don’t have to be a biker, even like motorcycles, or wear leather to fit in around here. One more thing Kory told me to mention about Zizi is the "She wears sandals almost all year long”! Bikers don’t wear sandals!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The littlest members of the crew, Louie & Cheech

Louie and Cheech are actually twins although they look nothing alike. Wouldn’t that be twins if they were born at the same time? Ok so all dogs from the same litter are twins or triplets, etc. Anyway, Louie and Cheech are Kory and my pride and joy!

Snoozin on the couch

Louie is the littlest. He is skinny, tall and timid. He is our mini pitbull, well that’s what he thinks he is, shhhh, he doesn’t know he is a Chihuahua! He is all brindle with one white sock, he lost the other ones in the laundry. Louie and Zipp are best friends. They run around here together and play all day.

On the Long Island Ferry

Cheech is the opposite of Louie! He is all white with 2 brindle spots. He is definitely a chubba! He will eat anything. Cheech just follows me around all day. I go out and so does Cheech, I take the trash out, so does Cheech! He is more social with people than Louie. Louie will just hide when someone comes in.
Cheech and Kory
Like Zipp, Louie and Cheech’s best friend would have to be Joe Pro and maybe Billy Twiss. They just love those guys, I am sure it could have to do with the many treats they give them but they love them anyway.

Zipp, Louie & Cheech

Louie and Cheech love to run in the field next to the shop. They go out there about 3 times a day and just run! They go so fast. Ususally it is Cheech chasing Louie but Louie had an accident out there the other day. We were walking out there and Louie must have stepped on something and cut is foot. He walked back to the shop with a bleeding foot. We stopped the bleeding and cleaned it up. He has been fine until this morning he was playing with Zipp and opened it up. I had to bandage it up. Poor little guy!

Cheech and Louie are awesome little dogs and companions. They have traveled all over the country with us to shows. Most of the time people don’t even know they are there. They are the cutest little rascals!