Monday, October 15, 2007

Jeff Knievel

Let me introduce you to our Part’s guy Jeff. He didn’t honestly have a lot of knowledge of parts when he first started here but we decided to give him a try. Well it has worked out great. He has learned an extremely lot of information in a short period of time.

Jeff definitely is a comical guy! Between him and Dirti (Jay, who you already met) they are busting on each other all day long. You absolutely don’t want to get caught in the cross fire. Sitting on the sidelines you will get a headache from laughing.

I knew that I was saving Jeff’s introduction for a reason!

Jeff, Kory, Chris Hunt, Phil Hunt (friends who will probably come about again) and myself went riding our dirt bikes yesterday. We all have “50’s” on steroids. There is nothing stock about these mini bikes. But did you expect anything less from a Perewitz crew!

Anyway, we rode for about 3 hours yesterday in the dirt, mud, railroad tracks, power lines, everywhere. At one point I thought to myself I am never going to make it back. We were on rough terrain with these little bikes way out in the middle of nowhere close to civilization. I hung in there and made it back.

We decided to go to Kory’s parent’s house which was close and have lunch. After lunch, we caught a second wind and decided to go for a short ride in the pits across the street. We weren’t in the pits 2 minutes and Jeff went to go over a jump and wiped out! I was behind him and saw the fall and didn’t really think too much of it because there were falls all day long and you just get back up. Not this one!

Jeff was jumping around saying “my leg, my leg”. Kory was first on the scene and pulled his pants up and looked. I heard instant panick! “Jod, It’s serious you better look”. Not like I am a doctor or anything, as a matter of fact I hate blood. I looked anyway. It was DISGUISTING! I could see the bone and it looked like someone took a steak tip out of his leg.

These are real photos of his leg!

Jeff started to go crazy, Phil rode back to Kory’s and got the truck. He drove as close as he could to the pits and we hobbled Jeff over. As this is happening we were honestly cracking up, Jeff goes, “hey you have your cell phone, call Sturdy and let them know I am coming”. We were like what, what do you think we are ordering a pizza?

Chris took him to the hospital while Kory, Phil and I got all 5 bikes and gear back to the house. He wasn’t at the hospital too long. Once they stitched him up, about 13 stitches, they gave him a cane and told him he would be OK.

I have already heard the story 3 or 4 times this morning and it keeps getting better. He was racing and “hit a GIANT jump and didn’t land and then Jody came up behind me and jumped over me” then of course at the hospital is another story. “The needle they used needed 3 people to hold it up, Chris actually had to push the plunger from the hall”. He said that Chris was getting into it after the doctor showed him the bone and next thing you know the doctor was saying “Christ, scalpel”!

What Jeff was doing as the story goes on...

He is hobbling around today with an old man cane that he is having more fun with in good spirits telling everyone his tale.


Donna T. said...

So, while the emergency was going on someone thought to snap some photos?! HA.
Glad Jeff's going to be ok.

Anonymous said...

WoW , Poor Jeffrey !!!

What a shame to damage one of those nice looking legs.
I bet he's sucking up the sympathy ! Boy, Looks like I'm missing loads of excitment @ Perewitz Cycle Fab !
Miss Ya's !
See Ya Soon!
Deed x

Anonymous said...

Hey remember the time Jeff's leg looked a steak tip chunk was cut out of it! That was wicked funny!

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