Thursday, October 11, 2007

The kid that drives a Ferrari

If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Jay you will just laugh to hear his name. We like to call him Dirti because he is the dirtiest, as I say “Dirti you are the dirtiest”! We also decided he should spell it with an i instead of a y because he is unlike anyone you have met.
Jay and Jeff

Jay can come up with the funniest comments. You definitely want to be on his side! He will eat you up if he gets the littlest gossip. He is very witty! Of course, as I am writing this I can’t think of one of his comments… Anyway another thing is he has no fear to slap anyone on the rear end! The best is when him and Kory or Jeff make a sandwich of someone! You know one gets in front of you and the other gets behind and they dance crazy with you in the middle! I will defiantly try to get a picture of that for a later post!

Other things that Jay does would be telling you to look and he is mooning you! Or doing a stinky fart and making you walk through it! Grosse! He is the dirtiest!
Jay's tank on his Buell

Jay has a 9 year old daughter, Tyara. He is an extremely good father to her. He works hard to make sure that she has everything she needs, not everything she wants because there probably isn’t enough money in the world for that, but everything she needs!

He is a great employee to have here. He puts together all of our custom builds including our most recent a 1950 Panhead! He is a dedicated worker but if you ever need a laugh make sure to see Jay!


a63strat said...

Jay's a good guy. I am very confident in the work he does on my bikes.

Regarding his...gas...

Reminds me of a race horse named "Hoof-Hearted".

Actually, someone might be inspired to write a country song "Your Broken Wind Broke My Heart".



Mrs. Leroy said...

Jay and Jeff looks so cute together on that mini chopper!