Thursday, October 25, 2007


This is kind of tough writing about me… I am, as you can assume, Dave’s daughter, Jody. I have been involved in the business for my whole life, well as soon as I was old enough to work. I have had other jobs as well. Probably one of my most favorite jobs was Dunkin Donuts. I had more fun at that job and make good $$ too! I really worked those customers for tips!
Kory, myself, and Aunt BB in Sturgis

Anyway I of course ride motorcycles. I have a couple of bikes myself. My first bike was a Buell M2. I still have one now, but I upgraded and got a Buell XB12 Firebolt. I love that bike! It is fun to ride, looks cool, and is American made.
My 63 Panhead
Recently we painted it, lowered it, changed the exhaust, and made a few other adjustments. I can’t be a Perewitz without a custom bike! It came out really cool. You’ll have to come by and take a look.
Wakeboarding at the cape

I have fun riding 50’s with Kory and the guys too. Although I am not as fast as them, it’s still a good time. When I’m not on bikes I love to go to the water. If it’s the fresh water, we are out in our boat on our lake down the Cape (Cape Cod to those non New Englanders). We usually go wakeboard and occasionally tube. I was just starting to get some height on my wakeboard and the cold weather came! Nuts. Have wait till next summer.

When I go to the ocean I like to surf! I haven’t been as many times as I would like to but I still got to go a few times. It is so much fun to ride the waves. My neighbor Tom, his son Luke, and I go and catch the waves in Eastham.

Another fun thing to do at the ocean is claming! You can get different clams for about 8 months! There are quahogs in the summer, then littlenecks, and then oysters. My mom, my friend Sandy and I went oystering this past weekend. Don’t ask me what we got because it wasn’t much but it was fun. The dogs come with us and run on the beach while we clam. I think they got the biggest catch of the day! A shark!!!!!


Anonymous said...

go jody, get your surf on!

Donna T. said...

You did a great job - I know writing about yourself is the hardest thing to do.

A shark? Go Zipp!

Bob Doran said...

Dave, I was just wondering how TOMMY DWYER was doing?????