Monday, October 29, 2007

Time to Dance!

Ok, Ok, I know this is supposed to be about our life but I can't not post something about our home team winning the WORLD SERIES!!!!!!

If you aren't a Bostonian than you just can't understand the meaning of the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series!

My grandmother for example has been the most faithful Red Sox fan her whole life! She was born in 1919, the year after they won the World Series. She was estatic when they won in 2004 and she is even more estatic that they won twice in her life time! She waited 86 years for her team to win!
Go Sox! We Believe!!


Donna T. said...

Oh, but this is exactly what should be here since the Red Sox are such a part of your lives. You especially have been rooting them on all season! Congrats.

So...will you be getting (cough, cough, wink wink)"sick" tomorrow and make it in to the rolling celebration? I'll bet Papelbon will dance...

Anonymous said...

Jody, Even though I live in New York I've been a Red Sox fan since Ted Williams played left field, and Frank Malzone played third. I can't believe the Sox have won it again! It must have been my lucky W B Mason hat I wore thru the entire Series. Go Sox!

Pete R.

Anonymous said...

Josh Beckett is the best!

Anonymous said...