Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ronna Lee, also known as ZiZi

Zizi is aunt in Italian. So therefore you guessed it, she is my aunt! Zizi is my mothers sister. She had been helping here for quite a few years now. She helps my mom with the bookkeeping. She will also be a guest writer on our Plog!

My aunt is so far from the motorcycle scene but I know she loves it here! She volunteers at many other places. She is president of the Tobey Hospital Guild, Secretary of the Wareham Garden Club, just to name a few.

Tattoos we got with our relationship to Susan!
You get the idea, neither she nor her husband John are bikers but they fully support any event we do! She is at all of our bike nights in the summer, out back cooking with myself, and her brother Dante (AKA Uncle Danny). She will help us all year with our events and activities without hesitation.

Zizi has two daughters, Tara and Leah. They both have young kids that also come to our events. Motorcycles bring the family together sometimes but the family isn’t together for motorcycles, we are together for the camaraderie of family.

You don’t have to be a biker, even like motorcycles, or wear leather to fit in around here. One more thing Kory told me to mention about Zizi is the "She wears sandals almost all year long”! Bikers don’t wear sandals!!!


Ann D. said...

What an AWESOME picture of Susan, Ronna and Danny!! You guys look great!

Donna T. said...

You forgot to say that she's a killer baker, too. Her cake at the Fall Foliage Run....yummmmm

Train said...

Susan and Ronna look so much alike! It's easy to see that they are sisters... and good looking sisters, too!