Thursday, October 18, 2007

The littlest members of the crew, Louie & Cheech

Louie and Cheech are actually twins although they look nothing alike. Wouldn’t that be twins if they were born at the same time? Ok so all dogs from the same litter are twins or triplets, etc. Anyway, Louie and Cheech are Kory and my pride and joy!

Snoozin on the couch

Louie is the littlest. He is skinny, tall and timid. He is our mini pitbull, well that’s what he thinks he is, shhhh, he doesn’t know he is a Chihuahua! He is all brindle with one white sock, he lost the other ones in the laundry. Louie and Zipp are best friends. They run around here together and play all day.

On the Long Island Ferry

Cheech is the opposite of Louie! He is all white with 2 brindle spots. He is definitely a chubba! He will eat anything. Cheech just follows me around all day. I go out and so does Cheech, I take the trash out, so does Cheech! He is more social with people than Louie. Louie will just hide when someone comes in.
Cheech and Kory
Like Zipp, Louie and Cheech’s best friend would have to be Joe Pro and maybe Billy Twiss. They just love those guys, I am sure it could have to do with the many treats they give them but they love them anyway.

Zipp, Louie & Cheech

Louie and Cheech love to run in the field next to the shop. They go out there about 3 times a day and just run! They go so fast. Ususally it is Cheech chasing Louie but Louie had an accident out there the other day. We were walking out there and Louie must have stepped on something and cut is foot. He walked back to the shop with a bleeding foot. We stopped the bleeding and cleaned it up. He has been fine until this morning he was playing with Zipp and opened it up. I had to bandage it up. Poor little guy!

Cheech and Louie are awesome little dogs and companions. They have traveled all over the country with us to shows. Most of the time people don’t even know they are there. They are the cutest little rascals!

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