Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Jack Sparrow of Perewitz, Dave

Over the next few days I will introduce you to our crew! First the one you know and most associate, with the name Perewitz (until now), Dave!

He is the founder of this gear wrenching business. My father started, as most of you have heard, in a shed behind my grandparents house. Today we have a new building that we are quickly out growing!

I think my dad’s philosophy is that if we have the space why not fill it! It’s not like we will eventually need the room or anything. For example we were storing 3 old Indians and just 3 days ago they left. The space has already accumulated “stuff”!

Anyway, I have to give my dad credit even though he isn’t the best money making business man he has got us all that we have and more. He is at the shop everyday, mostly “bahkin” orders of what needed to be done last week but no one knew about it.

Enough with the stuff you do know, how about some unknown stuff? One thing my dad loves to do is landscape! He is a maniac with the pruning sheers. He is so obsessed with pruning that he keeps them in his truck. He will be some place random and whip them out and start cutting.

We have a long driveway that can be hard to maneuver in a big truck. Well on a few occasions the trash truck, UPS, or any other big truck has hit the trees in our yard. All I can think of is boy I would hate to be them! My dad will investigate it, you know check for paint marks, figure out which direction they were going, etc. and find out who hit it. Boy does he give them an earful!
In the end or is it just the beginning? Dave is the one who got us to this point but I have to say without our crew we or he would not be much further than where he was couple of years ago in a small garage!

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Donna T. said...

Good to know about the ever-present sheers....I've got a big bush in my back yard that could use some attention next spring...hmmm....