Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Dog Whisperer, De

De and Joe Pro, who doesn't get there picture with Joe?

DeDe has been helping here part time since we opened our new building about 3 years ago. I have known DeDe about my whole life! She is a great person.

De and Dirti

De has her own motorcycle that she probably rides more often than I ride mine! She even got some custom Perewitz pinstriping on it! De is here at every event we have rain or shine. She is a huge help greeting people, helping cook, clean, sell, and anything else that needs to be done.

At our first open house we rented a cotton candy machine. Well if you have never used one of those machines you really can’t appreciate those carnival people that spin it so perfect. The slightest wind blows the sugary mix everywhere! De had it all over her arms and hair. She was a sticky mess but what a good sport and laugh!

During the day De works as a nurse. A doggie nurse! And I guess cats and other animals too! She is Dr. Brown’s assistant. She has been healing animals for over 20 years! Boy let me tell you how handy it is having her with 5 dogs! Yup we have 5, Smitty, Sebago, Zipp, Louie and Cheech.

Our Christmas Elf!

For example when Louie cut his foot (check out his previous post), I knew it wasn’t serious enough to take him to the hospital but I knew I had to do something. De was there to save the day with a remedy at hand. That is just one of the MANY times De has saved the day!

De would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. She is a caring fun individual! But as she has warned me this morning, “only one dog crisis a day!”

De, Myself, and honestly I have no idea who that is!
Sorry if you are looking at this...

Thanks DeDe, you are definitely Louie and Cheech's hero!


Anonymous said...

Dee is my best friends aunt, she is awesome, and yup rides more than me too...

Anonymous said...

haha de's my aunt too. =] . and helping with that cotton candy was a mess. =] <3 aly

Anonymous said...

haha de's my aunt too. =] . and helping with that cotton candy was a mess. =] <3 aly