Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Mum (as we say it), Susan!

She is the mother to myself, my brother Jesse and sister Jaren and her dog Zipp, who you will get to know. She has been married to my father for a wicked long time and if you ask her the number of years she just replies “too long”.

The first thing you should know about her is that she is the best cook! I know everyone thinks that their mom is the best cook but mine really is! She makes everyone here delicious smelling and tasting meals. Not just quick meals either, for example, yesterday for lunch we had baked fish, which we caught last week, fresh clams that my mom dug Sunday, vegetables and rice! All that just for lunch. We defiantly eat like kings around here, hence my dad’s belly.

I would have to say my mom’s best friend is Zipp, her Boston Terrier. I think a lot has to do with him not being able to talk back and his endless kisses. You will learn more about him later in his post. He goes everywhere with her, the beach, over relatives, to work, he even gets to travel. He is an extremely good companion and great dog.

My mom has been for about the last 15 years doing all the bookkeeping for the business. She along with my aunt Ronna does all the “office” type of stuff. Another words she signs the checks not my dad! She has defiantly kept my dad on the plus side for all these years.

Oh and one last thing about my mom, if you ever need a ryhme she is the one to ask. She comes up with these crazy sayings all the time that just make us shake our heads, like "the good, the bad, the ugly Cad (as in Cadillac)"!

I will update you on some good ones she comes up with!


Zizi said...

I am Zizi (which means "Aunt" in Italian), Susan's sister, otherwise known as Ronna or Ronna Lee to family. So you can see why, when the three Perewitz kids were little, we shortened my name. Anyway, I help Sue with bookkeeping and anything else that needs doin', love being
here at the shop with Sue and the
girls. I help at the cooking and grilling booth during bike nights, along with Sue, our brother Dan, Jody and Jesse. What a crew we are. But we have a lot of fun, that's what it's about! Our Dad would have loved it and been right there with us.
He loved to cook too, so I guess we come by it naturally. Being Italian helps too, it was always about food!!!

Donna T. said...

Zizi - you are right...with us Italians it is always about the food! :)
See you soon.

Marilyn Stemp said...

Susan's a good cook? No, she's a GREAT cook! Not to mention a warm and generous hostess who always seems to have things under control. And with a bunch of bikers around, that's saying something. Like the typical woman behind the man, Susan doesn't get enough credit - so here's some. Susan's the best!


Mrs. Leroy said...

Susan is the best cook! The chowdah, the meatballs, the wedding soup, mmmmm delicious. Scott and I had a great time with her and Dave at Barb's 20th anniversary party. Can't wait to see you all at the next event.