Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Kory Shizzle

Kory is our service manager. He works on anything American that need fixin’, even some Honda 50’s aka Pit Bikes. Kory is a dedicated employee. He will make sure things get done and customers are happy. Kory and Jay “Dirti” are brother, so like I have said, this is a family business!
Kory at a Red Sox game, I think "pledging the allegiance"?

Kory is obsessed with 50’s. In case you didn’t read Jeff’s post, they are little mini bikes. He has a shop at home that is strictly 50’s! He has a variety of them. He has the “Z” which is strictly for street racing, his “big” 50 for dirt, the “Monster” bike which has Monster energy drink graphics, a “QA” 50, which is a 70’s era bike, and a bunch of frames, motors, and misc. other things. He keeps them everywhere so wherever he is he can ride one.

Kory at a race with the "Z"

A couple Saturday’s ago Kory, Jeff, and I were working and a kid from the neighborhood came riding in on a Z50 like Kory’s. I paged Kory that there was a “Z” in the parking lot. He immediately knew what I was talking about and came to the front. Jeff said he wanted to race, little did the kid know he was no match for Jeff’s bike. Kory on the other hand offered to buy the bike. He offered the kid some cash and before I knew it the kid was walking home! So another one for the collection!

Kory's dirt 50!

Along with Kory’s mini bikes, he has a custom “chopper” like bike. It is definitely an eye catcher! Kory built the bike about 2 years ago. It was the first motorcycle he ever owned! What an accomplishment to say your first bike was a full out custom!! That's Shizzle!
Also check out Kory on Kryptonite's website. Click on the snowboard tab at the right!

Kory's bike

Kory, Chris and Phil Hunt in NH

Kory's a big fisherman!

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Donna T. said...

And don't forget he's a Web St-ah, too over on the Kryptonite website (click on the ski/snowboard) tab on the front page. :)