Friday, October 12, 2007


Yes it is true this is a family business therefore the family “must” help here. My sister Jaren helps in the showroom. She basically answers the phones, rings in people, dusts the bikes, puts new clothes out and does cross word puzzles.

She came up to my office yesterday wanting me to print out some cross word puzzles for her to do. I thought to myself she defiantly needs something to do, what can I have her do??? I drew a blank!! I could think of anything!! So I printed the stupid puzzles.

Sometimes she brings in movies to watch on the 50” Plasma in the showroom! God forbid if you ask her to do something while her movie is on! Your task will just have to wait!

I will give credit though, she answers the phones nicely to the customers but as soon as that person is put on hold she forgets who it is, she will just reply “I don’t know, probably some stroke”!

A while ago she was guy crazy, every guy that drove by on a bike was cute, even though they had a full face helmet on. Well, one day she spoke to soon! A truck pulled in the parking lot and out of Jaren’s mouth came “ohhh look at him he's cute!” The customer got out and he had a cane and a full head of grey, need I say more! Not exactly an average 22 year olds idea of “cute”!

She is something though. I say to my mom at least once a day, “I don’t know how you deal with her and dad!” She will just reply, "God give me strength."

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Michelle D said...

Thats Jaren to a "T" She was boy crazy! now she has a great guy!! I have known her since 9th grade. Shes a great friend.