Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ace Fabricator, Big Ron

Big Ron is our “ace” fabricator. He honestly does a wicked good job on everything he does. I like to go in the fab area and see what the newest thing he built is. The 1950 Panhead that we just finished has one of the coolest sissy bars on it. Big Ron made it.

Sissy bar Ron made with Perewitz P

I have known Ron my whole life. He is a great guy that loves, bikes, low cars, and has a great sense of humor, except when Dirti pulls the "hey Big Ron look at this, and he is mooning him. "It looks like a giant pillow with a slice down the middle".

Ron has a drag bike that he used to race at New England Dragway. He still has the bike but when he goes to the drags now he rides his custom and watches the races. Ronny has a custom hardtail. It is a cool bobber like bike with apes. The hardtail was on the cover of Barnett magazine a few years back.

Ron's Hardtail

As Big Ron says all his cars and bikes ride aweful and are uncomfortable but they sure are cool. I guess the price you have to pay to be cool! Big Ron is definitely a cool guy!

If you come by the shop you should visit Big Ron’s area. He has the best photo’s hanging on his walls. He has Photoshop without a computer. There are pictures of models with say my dad’s head on it, or he took one of our posters and put Mikey from OCC head on my dad’s body. They are a riot and look real!

Dave as Mikey poster & Big Ron's english wheel

Make sure you notice the metal work of the next Perewitz bike. Big Ron did that!!!


Anonymous said...

go big cliffy, Big Ron kicks Ass!

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J. Perewitz said...

He is the best!!!