Monday, November 10, 2008

A Night at the Palms

By Kory Souza

Dave and I have been out in Las Vegas at the SEMA show for the past week. The show was good, tons of wicked cool cars, hot rods, and misc. stuff.

On Wednesday night Dave and I met up with his friend Phil Harris to go to the Kicker party at the Palms. The party was in the parking lot. They dirt bikes doing tricks and getting real willy.

We were standing there talking with the headcheese of Kicker when he said "hey no one knows about this but look up, Travis Pastrana and some of his friends are going to jump out the windows"!

All the sudden you see some guys going out on the balcony at least 30 stories up and base jumped into the parking lot. It was such an awesome party already but that just topped it off.

After being outside for a while we went inside the casino. Phil asked us if we wanted to go "upstairs" I was thinking ahh ya ok. We get in the elevator with the bellman and we hit the Playboy suite button!

Oh wait till I till Jody I am going to the Playboy Bunny Suite! All the girls are going to be flowing to my jock like it's gold!

The suite was crispy. There were girls in outfits everywhere. The view was just unbelievable. We could see all of Vegas!

I didn't have a camera, my sidekick was the closest I could get. I know the pictures are horrible but it's better than nothing...


Donna T. said...

Sounds like you had fun, Kory! Cool that you saw Pastrana's jump. Found it on YouTube here:

Webster World said...

What a bum way to live. I'll bet you had a blast. First found you on the You have a great site. I'll come more often.