Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"Cah Kick"

My dad bought a 66 Chevy wagon a couple of years ago with some big hopes of some how making it cool. He took it all apart did most of the body work and then we got busy! So the car went to our garage at home and has been sitting for over a year now.

Well after getting back from SEMA, my dad has been on a car kick. My father has become obsessed with getting a car, its all he has been talking about! Isn't this a MOTORCYCLE shop? I know Hot Rods are wicked cool but its just not our thing, plus we definitely don't have enough room to be storing cars!

He has decided to sell the 66 and buy a new wagon. This time he wants a 55 Chevy. After searching through the want ads he found just what he was looking for. There is only one problem, it is in Missouri! He says, "Jod look at what a good deal this is, and just think you could drive it to work with all the dogs!" Ok so I am sold! Like he needs my approval anyway!!

Now, how do you spend money on a 50+ year old car and not see it? He decided he is going to fly to Missouri and look at it until we look up tickets. $1200 to fly there in the next few days. So that goes out the window. He racks his brain to think of anyone he knows in Missouri... "I got it! How about so in so?" It's good to have friends everywhere!

He called the guy he knew and sure enough he lives near where the car is and is willing to go take a look at it.

So the 66 is for sale if you know anyone interested! and hopefully a 55 will be the next Perewitz Hot Rod as soon as my dad gets the go ahead to buy it!!

I will post pictures if he buys the 55.

This is what the 66 looks like, well ok not exactly but the potential it has!!

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