Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ruben Brown & Chicago Bears

As promised in an earlier post, below are some of the pictures from the photo shoot with the Chicago Bears. Dave said it was "wicked awesome" meeting Ruben's team mates and going out on the field. Ruben of course was estatic about his new bike. The bike seemed to fit him! What do you think?

Dave honestly looked like he was about 4 feet tall in the photos with all the players. They are so big!!

You can read the whole story and see more photos in an upcoming issue of Cycle Source Magazine.

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B. Wisz said...

Hey Jodi! That bike is 'wicked' sweet for Reuben, or should I say Mr. Brown (I remember watching him play on the Bills several years back). Offensive lineman are almost the biggest guys on earth and I think, again, the bike suits his attire nicely but he might need a bigger bike! lol.

Well it good to see that you're enjoying life and seemingly your job! Take care.