Friday, January 25, 2008

And the shows start!

Kory, Jeff, Louie, Cheech and I left this morning for a bike show in Reading, PA. We, in typical Perewitz fashion, got off to a late start. The drive was definitely entertaining though, from singing, to laughing, to making bets, to someone being a crybaby.

Jeff didn't know that I was recording him headbanging in the truck. I can just imagine what people thought as the truck and the Perewitz moving billboard goes by them.

We arrived to the show of course late and Kory had to do some serious driving to get the trailer in its place. Sara and I took apart the bobber we built at the last show so we can build it again tomorrow and Sunday.

We just got to the hotel a little while ago and the only good thing is that they have free slow internet connection. The hotel wouldn't be all that bad except our room smells so bad! It smelled like someone smoked a pack of butts and the doors have been shut for a week! None of us are smokers so this is really a disgusing smell! Hopefully Kory's Axe spray and the window open will air it out a little. Oh and they aren't pet friendly, opps! How can you say no to Louie and Cheech!!


Doug R said...


Sorry I couldn't get there.

Good luck with the show.

How about a few close-up shots of the bike?


Anonymous said...

go jeff, go jeff.

Donna T. said...

Tommy Lee's got nothing on Jeff! HA!