Monday, January 28, 2008

Show wrap up!

Happy Monday!

We got back from the Northeast Expo show in Reading PA late last night. It was a great show as usual for Kev-Marv Productions. There was a huge attendance.

Sara and I finished our Garage Girls bobber on Sunday. The bike roared to life. The Perewitz booth was full of people throughout the day getting autographs and checking out the cool customs. The most popular bike though was Dave's 1950 Pan!
As we packed up last night we all thought about what a great show it was. Also a highlight was that my Ant BB (Barb for Barb's Harley Davidson of Camden County) came to see Sara and I work and hang out with my mom. It was good to see her. Hopefully she will come to the Boston Show Feb. 8-9.

The drive home was good until we hit Norton, MA. They had a dusting of snow that covered the roads. Kory and I dropped Jeff off and headed home to B'water. The closer we got to home the worse the roads got. The highway was a snow covered road! It was like no one existed! There were no plows, no trucks or cars out. Once we got off the highway we had to drive about 5 miles to our house. Kory had to put the truck in 4-wheel drive because the trailer and truck was just slipping and sliding. We were both thrilled to be home after a long cold ride and a bogus hotel.

There's nothing like home, well except maybe the Ritz Carlton!!
View from the Tappenzee Bridge
Nice jersey!!

This is what the road looked like!
My mom and BB


Donna T. said...

ohhhh....Louie! I'll bet he didn't like the snow either. Glad you all got home safely!!
Congrats on another successful weekend.

Anonymous said...

First time I got to meet Aunt BB, she is the coolest!! great video girl too!

J. Perewitz said...

It was a sucessful weekend. The pups were snoozin in the back seat dreamin about being at the beach!!