Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Saturday Afternoon

By: Donna Tocci

Just thought I’d check in with a quick post today. Two Saturdays ago I buzzed down to Perewitz Cycle Fab. Unfortunately, Dave wasn’t there; he was off with Kory and Jeff to Cleveland. But, this time of year I don’t really expect to see Dave on a weekend in Bridgewater. If I do, I’m pleasantly surprised.

I did get my warm, wonderful welcome from Zipp and “the boys”, Cheech and Louie. When they settled a little bit, Cheech was in my arms getting some snuggle time while Louie and Zipp cozied up to each other.

It was a nice afternoon of visiting with Jody, Susan, Dee and even Billy and Uncle Danny. Both of the guys brought food – gotta love them. Not sure I should have had so many fries, but I can’t resist. Thanks, Billy!

As many of you know, the Perewitz family is one of the most generous, giving families around. They gladly give of their time and resources to several causes. The last two years Jody, Susan, Zizi, Leah, Tara, Dee and the kids, dogs and I have walked the MS Walk in Hyannis. While we were munching, Jody and I talked about doing it again this year but were bummed when we realized that the Hyannis walk isn’t happening this year and the Easton walk is on a date that Jody is going to be out of town! Grrrrr….

When I got home and told my cousin this (he’s lived with this disease for 30 years), we decided to have our family continue the tradition started by Jody. Our family is going to walk in the Easton walk with the hopes that both families can walk together next year. So the 9 members of Team Tocci are fundraising and training (now I feel every single fry I ate that day tenfold!). Wish us luck!

Oh, and….while I was hanging out with everyone I even got to see the celebrity bikes. You know and love them as Thug and Streets, well now here are their bikes, all shiny and waiting for spring riding after their journey to Daytona. Check ‘em out. I’ve posted a couple of other pictures over on the Kryptonite blog, too.

Happy Spring everyone! Watch out more and more on the roads for motorcycles (and walkers!).

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Anonymous said...

Hey Donna!

I've sent support your way. Go Donna!

I can't tell you how much I love the orange bike. Finally...finally...people don't look at me for my body...it's clear that it's the bike...the bike.

Thug (I'm really ripped under my Perewitz mechanic shirts)

Anonymous said...


I'm geographically challenged. I know where Eastham is, but where is Easton? I'll support your walk. Just tell me where to send a donation.

P.S. The only time Thug is ripped is when he tries to button a 36 shirt around a 42 chest. Buttons fly everywhere.


Donna T. said...

Thug - you are always ripped to me. THANK YOU! My goodness, your kindness is second to none. My whole family thanks you! You will absolutely be with us, in our hearts, on the walk next week.

Streets, Easton is actually one town away from Bridgewater and the Perewitz crew. It's slightly north of them. Here's the link to my personal pledge page. I've been bringing in money for the team, but my cousins are a competitive bunch and keep telling me I'm slacking on the personal donations (it's good motivation for all of us to "compete" with each other towards the same common goal). Thank you so much, in advance.


Donna T. said...

Streets - I just reread your note - if you'd rather do a check than online, just email me and I'll give you an address:

J. Perewitz said...

Thanks guys for your support with the MS Walk!